Four or more generations of descendants of Herbert I du Maine (c980-1036) if they are properly linked:
1. Herbert I du Maine (c980-1036)

2. Hugues IV du Maine (c1006-1051)
3. Marguerite du Maine (c1045-1063)
3. Herbert II du Maine (c1048-1062)
2. Biota du Maine (c1008-1063)
2. Garsende du Maine (c1010-c1060)
3. Stephen II, Count of Blois (c1045-1102)
4. Guillaume of Blois (c1086-1150)
5. Eudes de Sully (-aft1162) (more)
5. Raoul de Sully (-1176) (more)
5. Henry de Sully (-1187) (more)
5. Marguerite de Sully (-1145) (more)
5. Elisabeth de Sully (-1128) (more)
4. Theobald II de Champagne (c1088-1152)
5. Henri Ier de Champagne (c1126-1181) (more)
5. Thibaut V de Blois (1130-1191) (more)
5. Alice de Champagne (1140-1206) (more)
5. Marie de Champagne (c1130-c1177) (more)
5. Agnès de Champagne (1138-1207) (more)
5. Margaret de Champagne (more)
5. Elisabeth de Champagne (1130-) (more)
5. Étienne I de Sancerre (1133-1191) (more)
5. Guillaume de Champagne (1135-1202) (more)
5. Mathilde de Champagne (-1184) (more)
4. Stephen of England (c1095-1154)
5. Gervase, Abbot of Westminster (c1120-) (more)
5. Marie de Boulogne (1136-1182) (more)
5. William of Blois (c1137-1159) (more)
5. Eustace IV de Boulogne (c1127-1153) (more)
5. Baudouin de Blois (-c1134) (more)
5. Matilda de Blois (c1133-1137) (more)
4. Adélaïde de Blois (c1092-c1139)
5. Fils de Montlhéry (1118-c1165) (more)
4. Maud of Blois (c1097-1120)
4. Henry of Blois (c1098-1171)
4. Alix of Blois (c1100-1145)
4. Eléonore of Blois (c1104-1147)
4. Odo of Blois (c1090-)
4. Humbert of Blois (c1094-)
4. Agnes of Blois (c1099-1129)
5. Éverard IV de Chartres (more)
5. Bouchard du Puiset (more)
5. Hugh du Puiset (more)
4. Sybille de Blois (c1100-c1147)
5. Guyomarch IV de Léon (c1125-1179) (more)
5. Hamon de Léon (more)
5. Elimarius de Léon (more)
5. Jeanne de Léon (more)
3. Hugues V du Maine (c1055-1097)
3. Folco I of Este (1070-1128)
4. Obizzo I of Este (1110-c1194)
5. Azzo V of Este (1125-1193) (more)
2. Paule du Maine (c1012-c1059)
3. Gauzbert de Beaugency (c1040-aft1097)
3. Élie I du Maine (c1042-1110)
4. Ermengarde of Maine (-1126)
5. Matilda of Anjou (1111-1154) (more)
5. Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou and Maine (1113-1151) (more)
5. Hélie II du Maine (c1114-1151) (more)
5. Sibylla of Anjou (1116-1165) (more)
3. Enoch de Beaugency (c1044-c1091)
3. Geoffroy de Beaugency (c1046-aft1097)
3. Lancelin de Beaugency (c1048-c1095)
4. Raoul I de Beaugency (1068-1113)
5. Hugues de Baugency (more)
5. Simon de Baugency (more)
5. Lancelin de Baugency (more)
5. Raoul de Baugency (more)
5. Guillaume de Baugency (more)
5. Agnès de Beaugency (c1110-c1157) (more)
5. Mathilde de Beaugency (c1115-c1162) (more)
5. Herve de Baugency (more)
4. Adeline de Beaugency (c1070-c1117)
5. Hamelin de Mayenne (-1120) (more)
5. Mathilde de Mayenne (1092-1162) (more)
5. Juhel II de Mayenne (c1095-1161) (more)
3. Milon de Beaugency (c01050-c1097)
3. Guillaume de Beaugency (c1052-c1099)
3. Fille de Beaugency (c1054-c1101)
4. Rainard Unknown (?-?)

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