Herman van Ename, Margrave of Ename, Count of Verdun, Count of Brabant, Count of Eifelgau, Count of Stevergau, was born circa 970 to Godefroy I de Verdun (930-1002) and Mathilde Billung (c940-1008) and died 29 May 1029 of unspecified causes. He married Mathilde . Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814). Ancestors are from France, Belgium, Germany.


Offspring of Herman van Ename and Mathilde
Name Birth Death Joined with
Herman van Ename (c990-c991) 990 991
Bertilde van Ename (c992-c993) 992 993
Herman van Ename (c994-c1041) 994 1041
Gregor van Ename (c997-c1044) 997 1044
Gottfried von Westfalen (c996-c1060) 996 1060
Mathilde van Ename (c995-aft1039) 995 1039 Regnier V de Mons (c998-c1039)

Odilia van Ename (c996-c1043) 996 1043

Namesakes of Herman van Ename (c970-1029)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Herman van Ename (c970-1029)Godefroy I de Verdun (930-1002)Mathilde Billung (c940-1008)Mathilde
Herman van Ename (c990-c991)Herman van Ename (c970-1029)Mathilde
Herman van Ename (c994-c1041)Herman van Ename (c970-1029)Mathilde

Footnotes (including sources)

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