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Author(s)/Editor(s):Herndon, Sarah Raymond
Title:Days on the Road Crossing the Plains in 1865
Publisher:Burr Printing House, N.Y.
Pagination:1st ed. Portr. xvi, 270pp
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Commentary:Commentary: "Joseph Culton Walker, born in 1830, was part of the group that left Kentucky, went to Sangamon County, Illinois and later to West Point, Lee County, Iowa. From there, in 1864, this Joseph Culton Walker, in partnership with his brother, Alexander Milton Walker, and his first cousin's husband (my gggf Allan Hardenbrook) made the trip to Montana. In 1865, JC Walker, AM Walker, their brother David Davis Walker, their sister Eliza Green Walker; Allan Hardenbrook, his brothers William Hardenbrook and Charles Kelly Hardenbrook; plus Allan's wife, Melinda Parthula Walker Hardenbrook (Alexander H, David, Alexander, John) and their 18 month old daughter, Anna Afton Hardenbrook (my ggm), made the 5 month journey from West Point, Iowa to the site of present day Deer Lodge, Montana, where they were instrumental in the settlement of that part of the country and Montana's early statehood. A diary kept by a young schoolteacher of that journey was published in the early 1900's and then reissued in the 1970's. Copies are still around....and make fascinating reading....." Nancy Clifton, 11 November 2007.