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Hildegarde Carolingian was born circa Error: Invalid time. in Thionville, France to Charlemagne (747-814) and Hildegard (758-783) and died Error: Invalid time. of unspecified causes. Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814). Ancestors are from Germany, Belgium, France.

Namesakes of Hildegarde (783-783)

  Birth place Death place Father Mother Joined with
Hildegard (856-?) Charles the Bald (823-877) Ermentrude d'Orléans (830-869)
Hildegard (828-c856) Louis the German (c806-876) Hemma of Altdorf (808-876)
Hildegard (864-?) Louis the Stammerer (846-879) Ansgarde of Burgundy (826-c881)
Hildegard (878-895) Louis the Younger (830-882) Luitgard von Sachsen (c845-885)
Hildegard (c802-841) Maine Louis the Pious (778-840) Ermengarde of Hesbaye (c778-818) Rather de Limoges (?-841)
Hildegarde (783-783) Thionville, France Charlemagne (747-814) Hildegard (758-783)

Sources and notes

‡ General
  • Probably Charlemagne's shortest-lived child, whose birth may have helped cause her mother's death. Medieval Lands says Paulus Diaconus wrote an epitaph to "Hildegardis filiæ [Karoli regis]" specifying that she lived 40 days.
  • [1] + [2]
Ω Birth
  • "March/April"
  • [3]
¶ Death
  • "1/8 June"
  • [4]


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