Hindrik Willems Fekken (1789-aft1830)

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Hindrik Willems Fekken
Birth: 10 February 1789
Father: Willem Derks Fekken (1752-1820)
Mother: Hilligjen Willems Stuut (1752)
Spouse/partner: Aaltje Daniels Kotter (1791-1864)
Wedding: 14 April 1815 Veendam
Sex: Male Icon
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Hindrik Willems Fekken was born 10 February 1789 to Willem Derks Fekken (1752-1820) and Hilligjen Willems Stuut (1752) .
Ancestors are from the Netherlands.


Hindriks Willems Fekken is a descadent of 2 founders of big family's: Albert Derricx and Willem Jacobs. Hindriks' parents are far cousins from each other and his brother to. However his brother and him are for long time dead and he's the only one of the 2 brothers who has still descadents.


Offspring of Hindrik Willems Fekken and Aaltje Daniels Kotter (1791-1864)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Willem Hindriks Fekken (1815)
Trijntje Hindriks Fekken (1817) 1817 Veendam Nanne Roelfs Ots (1813)

Hillechien Fekken (1820)
Elizabeth Fekken (1823)
Derkje Fekken (1826)
Kornelsien Fekken (1830)
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