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Huang is Chinese surname no.96 in "Bai Jia Xing " 百家姓 (Hundreds Family Surnames), a list of Chinese surnames compiled during the Song dynasty. Huang is the 7th most common surname in China in 2006 (Yuan Yida, 2006). The population of Huangs in China (including Taiwan) was estimated at more than 29 million in 2000; it was also the surname of more than 2 million overseas Chinese, many Vietnamese (no data available) and an estimated 1 million Koreans (The 2000 census of South Korea revealed Huang was the surname of 644,294 South Koreans, ranked 17th) .


Huang is an ancient surname which origin could be traced back more than 4,200 years to the days of the legendary sage emperors preceding the Xia dynasty. During the reign of Emperor Yao 尧帝, Hui Lian 惠连, son of Lu Zhong 陆终, a descendant of the Yellow Emperor 黄帝 (Huang Di) scored a merit in harnessing river floods, and Emperor Yao conferred on Hui Lian the state of Can'hu 参胡 (in present-day region of Fenyang 汾阳, Shanxi province 山西省, China). It was in the 96th year of Emperor Yao (2220 BC). Emperor Yao renamed Can'hu "the State of Huang" 黄国, and bestowed on Hui Lian the surname "Huang" 黄 and the name "Yun" 云. Hence, Hui Lian was also known as Huang Yun 黄云. Hui Lian became the Progenitor of the Huang Surname Clan. The descendants of Huang Yun (Hui Lian) ruled the Huang State of Shanxi until the early "Spring and Autumn Period" 春秋时代 (722 BC-481 BC) when it was conquered by the State of Jin 晋国.

Cultural contextEdit

Most Chinese are multilinguals.  China is a nation of diverse sublanguages and dialects. Hundreds of East Asian, Southeast Asian, and South Asian spoken languages derive from the Sino-Tibetan languages, all of which can be said to be Chinese languages.

Alternative spellingsEdit

The spelling of the last name can vary because it will be relative to that surname bearer's language and dialect particular to that region of China.

Dialect Variant name

Hwang; Whang; Huang/Wong

Cantonese (prestige dialect

and language of China)



(Sinitic/Chinese sublanguage)

Huang; Hwang


(Sinitic/Chinese sublanguage)

Vong; Wong


('Sinitic/Chinese sublanguage)


(Sinitic/Chinese sublanguage)

Ng; Ung; Ooi; Uy; or Wee

Teochew (Min dialect of China)Ng
Penang Hokkien Ooi
Hokkien RomanizedOng
Indonesian Oei, Oey
Vietnamese Huỳnh; Hoàng; Vong; Wong

​Heads-up: Not all Chinese surnames spelled "Ong" (aka. "Onge") and "Ng" have the same definition — they are romanization of various Chinese family names with different primary meanings. The significant phonetic information does get garbled during the transliteration, but the life of the words can be saved; keep in mind those Chinese words that can give you meaning....


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