The last will and testament of Christopher HUSTON leaves to daughters:

Jean Four pounds
Martha five pounds
Ann Six pounds

and to soninlaw Hugh Linn Ten Shillings

The will of Christopher's son Samuel

...personal estate to

Robert [Houston]
Christopher [Houston] and
James Houston,
Ann Walker,
Margaret Linn,
Jennet Linn and
Martha Linn

Jean, Martha, and Ann are unmarried at the time of Christopher's death. There is implied a fourth daughter unnamed who is married to soninlaw Hugh Linn.

By the time of Samuels death14 years later, all four of Christopher's daughters are married and named. Three are married to Linn's, and presumably Hugh is the husband of one of these three. Margaret is the only daughtr of Christopher named in Samuels will and not identified by name in Christopher's will. Therefore, 'Margaret is most likely the wife of Hugh Linn mentioned as a soninlaw in Christopher's will.

Linn, Jo White, 1984 in a well documented, professonal family history identifies Hugh Linn's wife as "probably the daughter of Christopher Houston who died c1726, but stops short of identifying that daughter by name. She does, however, note an 1748 land transaction between Hugh Linn of Brandywine Hundred, and a James Huston, in which Linn mortgauged the parcel to Huston. The presumption is that the James Huston is in fact the grandson mentioned by Christopher Houston in his will, but it could be a different James Huston. The property was on the south side of Shellpot Creek. In a 1754 transaction Linn and wife Mary sell this same property to a William Sharply. Hugh Linn's will was filed in 1786 in Rowan Co, NC; it does not identify a wife, and presumably his wife predeceased him. Linn, Jo White, 1984 consistently identifies her as Mary. This conflicts with the evidence that his wife was Margaret daughter of Christopher Houston. Possible explanations include:

a) her full name was Mary Margaret
b) she was known as Mary
c) there was another otherwise unnamed daughter of Christopher, Mary, and that all told four of Christpher's daughters married into the Linn family
d) This is a different Hugh Linn.
e) there is a transcription error in the extract of Samuel Houston's will, such that "Mary" was transcribed as "Margaret".

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