Hugh de Dutton, 3rd lord of Dutton was born circa 1128 in England to Hugh de Dutton (c1086-c1130) and Alice Pichard (c1106-1130) and died circa 1154 in England of unspecified causes. He married Alice de Prescott (c1132-c1178) . Ancestors are from England, the United Kingdom, France.

"Hugh de Dutton, son of Hugh, son of Hodard, had the lands which his father Hugh held of the baron of Halton confirmed unto him by William son of Nigell, constable to Randle the Second, and by William his son, on that day when the said William the father and William the son did visit Hugh, the son of Hodard, on his death-bed at Kerwick, at which time Hugh, the son of Hodard, gave unto William the father his coat of mail and his charging-horse; and Hugh, the son of that Hugh, gave unto William the son, a palfrey and a sparrow-hawk. This was about the end of the reign of king Henry the First. Lib. C. fol. 154. a. The lands here confirmed I conceive to be Weston and Kekwick, and perhaps some others.

This Hugh de Dutton, had issue Hugh Dutton, son and heir; Adam de Dutton, another son, from whom the Warburtons of Arley are descended; Geffrey de Dutton, another son, from whom the Duttons of Chedill in this county were propagated who assumed the sir-name of Chedill, and continued to the reign of Edward the Third, till Sir Rogert de Chedill, the last of that family, dying I Edward III. 1327, left his inheritance to be shared by his two daughters and heirs, Clemence and Agnes. Lib. C. fol. 61. h. lib. B. pag. 10. q. lib. C. fol. 150. c, a, b et fol. 150. l. And out of that family de Chedill branched Hamon Dutton under Edward the First, younger son to sir Geffrey Dutton of Chedill, to whom his father gave Ashley, which he purchased for him. The posterity of this Hamon assumed the sir-name of Ashley from the place of their residence, as was the manner of those ages; which family of the Ashleys of Ashley continued to the end of Henry the Eighth, about which time Thomasin, daughter and heir of George Ashley of Ashley, esquire, brought that inheritance to Richard Brereton of Lea-hall, not far from Middlewich, by marriage, who was a younger son of sir William Brereton of Brereton in this county; in which name of Brereton of Ashley it continued but four descents, and was divided among the three sisters of Thomas Brereton, the last Brereton of Ashley, and their heirs, anno Domini 1661." --The History of the County Palatine and City of Chester: Comp. from Original Evidences in Public Offices, the Harleian and Cottonian Mss., Parochial Registers, Private Muniments, Unpublished Ms. Collections of Successive Cheshire Antiquaries, and a Personal Survey of Every Township in the County; Incorporated with a Republication of King's Vale Royal and Leycester's Cheshire Antiquities, Volume 1 by George Ormerod, Daniel King, William Smith, William Webb (sheriff.), Sir Peter Leycester


Offspring of Hugh de Dutton, 3rd lord of Dutton and Alice de Prescott (c1132-c1178)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Hugh de Dutton (c1152-1230) 1152 England 1230 England Isabel de Massey (c1155-c1214)

Alice de Dutton (c1154-) 1154 England
Adam de Dutton (c1157-c1211) 1157 England 1211 England Agnes FitzAlured (c1166-)

Geoffrey Dutton (c1160-1248) 1160 England 1248 England Helen de Lacy (c1165-)


Offspring of Hugh de Dutton, 2nd lord of Dutton and Alice Pichard (c1106-1130)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Hugh de Dutton (c1128-c1154) 1128 England 1154 England Alice de Prescott (c1132-c1178)


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