File-Hugo in Skälderviken August 1957

Hugo in Skälderviken (province Skåne) 1957


Karl Hugo Albin Sjögren was born on May 23 1888 in Ronneby, Blekinge county.


Karl Magnus Sjögren (1853-1938)
Amanda Sjögren, b. Englander (1855-1943)

Professional lifeEdit

As saddler and shoemaker he ran a shop in Kristianstad, ditto county.

He was also an entertainer, performing in his region Skåne (province) as musician, clown and sword-swallower.


Karl Henrik Louis (1880-1966)
Ester Amanda Linnéa (1882-1968)
Ruth Amanda Naëmi (1884->/=1918)
Nanny Amanda Natalia (1887-1981), twin
Karl Ivar Rickard (1887-1918), twin - drowned in the USA

Marriage and divorceEdit

Date for marriage unknown. 'Sveriges Dödbok 1947-2006' (Swedish death index 1947-2006) states "Frånskild man 30 juli 1917" (Divorced man July 30 1917).

Death and BurialEdit

Hugo died in Ängelholm, Kristanstad county September 30 1964. He is buried with his siblings Henrik and Ester in Barkåkra cemetery near Ängelholm. The gravestone shows their names and data.



File-Three siblings Sjögren at Barkåkra cemetery

Three siblings Sjögren at Barkåkra cemetery

Nannys syskon, (tre av fem) Från v. Henrik (fyller 80 här) E

From the left: Henrik, Ester and Hugo Sjögren in Skälderviken 1960

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