Ida Cason Callaway (April 18, 1935 - August 4, 2009), a lifelong resident of La Grange, Troup County, Georgia was the daughter of Fuller Earle Callaway, Jr. (1907-1992) and Alice Hinman Hand (1912-1998). She graduated from Mt. Vernon Seminary in Washington, D.C. and attended Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri. She married on May 1, 1955 Charles Daugherty Hudson, son of J. D. Hudson (1882-1965) and Mary Jane Hill (1890-1982) of La Grange. They were the parents of four children: Jane Alice Hudson, Ellen Pinson Hudson, Charles Daugherty Hudson, Ida Callaway Hudson. She is buried in the Callaway Family Cemetery, Troup County, Georgia. Mrs. Hudson was a member of the First Baptist Church of La Grange where she taught Sunday school in the youth department. She was a 1976 recipient of the Georgia Association for Children with learning Disabilities Distinguished Service Award and was the first person outside of Atlanta to receive the honor. Mrs. Hudson initiated the writing of a proposal from the school system to provide learning disability resource rooms and was influential in bringing about the writing of a special handbook on learning disabled children for teachers and the creation of 10 TV films which demonstrated techniques for a teacher to employ in learning disability programs. She was the Chairman of Charitable Services, Inc. and was a former member of the Fuller E. Callaway Foundation and Callaway Foundation, Inc.


Four Generation Pedigree
Ida Cason Callaway Fuller Earle Callaway, Jr. (1907-1992) Fuller Earle Callaway (1870-1928) Rev. Abner Reeves Callaway (1832-1893)
Sarah Jane Howard (1835-1878)
Ida Jane Cason (1872-1936) Alexander Toombs Cason (1845-1918)
Olivia Pratt Jewell (1849-1921)
Alice Hinman Hand (1912-1998) Judson Larrabee Hand (1850-1916) Columbus Washington Hand (1823-1881)
Columbia America Bower (1828-1917)
Florence Mae Hollis (1877-1969) Benjamin Pulliam Hollis (1845-1893)
Clara Florence Davenport (1849-1954)