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→ (Ida de Tosny (c1150-), 1) → (William Longespée, 3rd Earl of Salisbury (c1176-1226), 2)→→ (William Longespée (c1212-1250), 3)→→ (Stephen Longespée (1216-1260), 3)→→ (Ella Longespée (c1220-1298), 3)→→ (Ela Longespée (c1226-1299), 4)→→ (Ela Longespée (c1246-1276), 4)→→ (Emmeline Longespee (1252-1291), 4)→→ (Hugh de Audley (c1274-1326), 5)→→ (Elizabeth de Audley (c1289-c1345), 6)→→ (Alice de Audley (c1300-c1375), 6)→→→→ (Alan la Zouche, 1st Baron la Zouche of Ashby (1267-1314), 5)→→ (Maud la Zouche (c1290-1349), 6)→→→→ (Hugh de Audley, 1st Earl of Gloucester (c1291-1347), 6)→→→

→ (Hugh Bigod, 3rd Earl of Norfolk (c1182-1225), 2)→→ (Hugh Bigod (1211-1266), 3)→→ (Isabel Bigod (1212-1252), 3)→→ (Roger Bigod (c1245-1306), 4)→→ (Margery de Lacy (c1226-1256), 4)→→ (Joan FitzJohn (1245-1303), 4)→→ (Edmund Butler (c1270-1321), 5)→→ (Aveline FitzJohn (c1244-1274), 4)→→ (Nicholas Murray Butler (1862-1947), 5)→→ (Richard de Burgh (1259-1326), 5)→→ (Sarah Schuyler Butler (1895-1947), 6)→→ (Elizabeth de Burgh (c1289-1327), 6)→→→ (John de Burgh (c1286-1313), 6)→→→ (Catherine de Burgh (c1296-1331), 6)→→→ (Joan de Burgh (c1300-1359), 6)→→→→ (Theobald de Verdun, 1st Lord Verdun (c1248-1309), 5)→→ (Theobald de Verdun, 2nd Lord Verdun (1278-1316), 6)→→→→→ (James Butler, 1st Earl of Ormonde (c1305-1337), 6)→→

→ (Margaret Bigod (-c1226), 2)→→ (Henry de Hastings (-1250), 3)→→ (Henry de Hastings (c1235-c1269), 4)→→ (John Hastings, 1st Baron Hastings (1262-1313), 5)

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Ida de Tosny (c1150-)/tree

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