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Why can't I find my ancestors on any of the published passenger lists? Stub answer...

For a genealogist, particular those whose families immigrated to their home country from Europe, there is something special about knowing the name of the ship their ancestors came over on. For American genealogists, whose ancestors immigrated to the New World after roughly 1850, there is a rich literature dealing with immigrant passenger lists. Alas, prior to that date, records of ships passengers were only preserved if there was a special reason to keep them. Prior to the Revolution passengers from Great Britain, the homeland for most immigrants, were not required to register when they came to the New World. However, passengers from other countries (foreign nationals) were required to register and swear allegiance to the English Crown. The result of this is that the records for foreign nationals, and the ships they came on for the period prior to the Revolution, are much richer than that for citizens of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.....

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