This is a list of passengers and crew on specific voyages to New Sweden. These data were taken from a rootsweb listing (New Sweden Immigrants based on a variety of sources. The data have been recast in a different format to facilitate their use in creating individual biographies for New Sweden immigrants. The source used for this compilation contains considerable additional information which the interested reader may find of value.

It is likely that thre were additional immigrants to New Sweden not captured in this list. Some individuals made several trips back and forth between Sweden and New Sweden, and so appear multiple times. It is not always clear that persons of the same name are necessarily the same person. Some individuals returned to Sweden after a greater or lesser period, and left no descendants in New Sweden. Some individuals died on the trip over, or immediately after arrival; while in some cases their families are known to have remained in New Sweden, in other cases, they probably left no issue. Many of those listed are shown as part of the ships crew; some crew members remained in New Sweden, but others probably returned to Sweden.

See: Ships to New Sweden for a list of known ships sailing to New Sweden from Sweden
See: Immigrants by Ship for a list of passengers and crew on specific voyages
See: Alphabetical List of Immigrants for an alphabetical listing of passenger and crew independent of voyage (includes additional data about individuals
See: Caveats to edit this list of caveats.

PersonShipArrival Date
Herman AnderssonKalmar Nyckel1638
Sander ClerckKalmar Nyckel1638
Hendrick HuygenKalmar Nyckel1638
Johan JochimsonKalmar Nyckel1638
Peter JohanssonKalmar Nyckel1638
Mans Nilsson KlingKalmar Nyckel1638
Andres LucassenKalmar Nyckel1638
[[Peter Minuit (?-?)]]Kalmar Nyckel1638
Jacob Evertssen SandelinKalmar Nyckel1638
Johan SvenssonKalmar Nyckel1638
Michel SymonssenKalmar Nyckel1638
Reorus TorkillusKalmar Nyckel1638
23 soldiersKalmar Nyckel1638
AnthonyVogel Grip1638
Per AnderssonKalmar Nyckel1640
[[Mans Andersson (?-aft1679)]]Kalmar Nyckel1640
Anders Swensson BondeKalmar Nyckel1640
Anders Larson DalboKalmar Nyckel1640
Gregorius Van DyckKalmar Nyckel1640
Sven GunnarssonKalmar Nyckel1640
Martin GutterssonKalmar Nyckel1640
Sven Larson MaarboKalmar Nyckel1640
Per Gunnarsson RamboKalmar Nyckel1640
Peter Hollander RidderKalmar Nyckel1640
Lars SvenssonKalmar Nyckel1640
Jon ThorssonKalmar Nyckel1640
Reorus TorkillusKalmar Nyckel1640
Joost van LangdonkKalmar Nyckel1640
Herman WillemsenKalmar Nyckel1640
Henrik HooghkamerFreedenburg1640
Joost van den BogaertFreedenburg1640
20 families, about 50 personsFreedenburg1640
Lars Thomson BureCharitas1641
Claes ClaessenCharitas1641
Gotfriedt Harmer (Hermansson)Charitas1641
Mans Swensson LoomCharitas1641
Lucas PerssonCharitas1641
Evert (Ifar, Siwirt) Sivertsson (Siewertson)Charitas1641
Knut Martensson WasaCharitas1641
Anders AnderssonKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Johan AnderssonKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Mans AnderssonKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Lars BjornssonKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Anders ChristianssonKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Herr ChristofferKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Lauren Andriessen CuyperKalmar Nyckel1641
Jan (Johan) ErickssonKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Olof ErickssonKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Bertil EskelssonKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Israel Helm FluvianderKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Anders HanssonKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Mats HanssonKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Matts Hansson (Janson),Kalmar Nyckel1641
Mats Hansson,Kalmar Nyckel1641
Evert (Ivar) HindrickssonKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Hendrick HuygenKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Michel Janson, (Johansson, Bolm),Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Powell (Pal) Joensson (Joransson, Johansson)Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Carl Johansson (Jansson)Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Per (Peter) Johansson (Joransson)Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Clement JoranssonKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Mans Joransson (Jurrensson),Kalmar Nyckel1641
Mans Nilsson KlingKalmar Nyckel1641
[[Peter Larson Kock (1611->]]Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Eskil LarsonKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Mans Swensson LoomKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Hans ManssonKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Mans ManssonKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Lars MarkussonKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Hendrick MatsonKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Andreas Classon MinkKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Clas Andersson MinkKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Paul MinkKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Matts Olofsson,Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Jons PafvelssonKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Olof Pafvelsson (Palsson)Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Lambert PietersenKalmar Nyckel1641
Pal (Pafvel) Smaal (Schal)Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Jacob SprintKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Axel StilleKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Olof Persson Stille,Kalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Gustaf StrahlKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Martin ThomassonKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Olof (Rolof, Olle) Thorsson (Tossawa)Kalmar Nyckel1641
Lars Anderson UlfKalmar Nyckel or Charitas1641
Christer BoijeFama1643
Johan FranssonFama1643
John Campanius HolmFama1643
Hans JanekeFama1643
Hans LuneburgerFama1643
Johan OlofssonFama1643
John PrintzFama1643
Sven (Schwenn0 Skute (Schutte)Fama1643
Sven AnderssonFama or Swan1643
Nils AnderssonFama or Swan1643
Anders AnderssonFama or Swan1643
Eric AnderssonFama or Swan1643
Lars AnderssonFama or Swan1643
Nicholaes Bock (Borck)Fama or Swan1643
Marten Martensson GlassbijtenFama or Swan1643
Constantinus GrunenborghFama or Swan1643
Elias GyllengrenFama or Swan1643
Lars JacobssonFama or Swan1643
Peter Jochimson (Jochum),Fama or Swan1643
Thomas JurgenssonFama or Swan1643
Peter Meyer,Fama or Swan1643
Michel Nilsson (Nielsson)Fama or Swan1643
Joen Nilsson (Nielsson),Fama or Swan1643
Knut Peerson,Fama or Swan1643
Jurgen Schneeweiss,Fama or Swan1643
Jacob SvenssonFama or Swan1643
Isack von Eyssen (van Eisen)Fama or Swan1643
[[Johan Gustaffson (c1618-c1682)]]Swan1643
Anders Andersson HommanSwan1643
Jacob CornelisenFama1644
Bengt HinderssonFama1644
Dirck (Diedrick) JacobssonFama1644
Hans JanekeFama1644
Anders JonssonFama1644
Knut LiljehokFama1644
Per LiljehokFama1644
Wolle (Walle) Lohe (Looer)Fama1644
Jan (Johan) Matzon (Mattson)Fama1644
Hendrick Olofsson,Fama1644
Johan PapegojaFama1644
Sven SvenssonFama1644
Jan Jansson BockhornSwan1648
Anders JonsonSwan1648
Lars Carlsson LockSwan1648
Johan PapegojaSwan1648
Hustro AgnetaOrn1654
Hakan Persson AkermanOrn1654
Salungen AndersOrn1654
Benjamin AndersonOrn1654
Lars AnderssonOrn1654
Hindrick AnderssonOrn1654
Jons AnderssonOrn1654
Nils AnderssonOrn1654
Olaf AnderssonOrn1654
Eric AnderssonOrn1654
Nils AnderssonOrn1654
Lars AnderssonOrn1654
Mans AndriassonOrn1654
Isack BackareOrn1654
Olof Bagge*Orn1654
Israel BengtsonOrn1654
Mathias (Mats) BengtsonOrn1654
Erick Bengtson (Benckson)Orn1654
Cornelius BurkeOrn1654
Lars BusOrn1654
Nils CarsonOrn1654
Abbe ClasenOrn1654
Anders ClementssonOrn1654
Lars Andersson CollinsOrn1654
Gosta (Josta) DanielsonOrn1654
Gustaf DanielsonOrn1654
Johan DanielsonOrn1654
Rolof de Haes's widowOrn1654
Abraham DrickssonOrn1654
Jan EckhoffOrn1654
Lars Ericksson*Orn1654
Lars EsbjorssonOrn1654
Margareta EskelsdotterOrn1654
Abraham EskelssonOrn1654
Mats EskelssonOrn1654
Mathias EsselseOrn1654
Peter EversOrn1654
David Michelsson FischerOrn1654
Gabriel Samuelson ForsmanOrn1654
Samuel Person FrilandOrn1654
Hindrick Larson FromOrn1654
Otto GrimmOrn1654
Anies GustaffsonOrn1654
Johan Gustaffson (Gostasson)Orn1654
Elias GyllengrenOrn1654
Nils HakanssonOrn1654
Klas HansonOrn1654
Olof HansonOrn1654
Anders Hanson*?Orn1654
Peter HermersOrn1654
Anders Hijden (Hiden)Orn1654
Anders HindrickssonOrn1654
Hindrick HindrickssonOrn1654
Johan HindrickssonOrn1654
Peter Larson HjortOrn1654
Olof Isgra (Icegrey)Orn1654
Hindrick JacobssonOrn1654
Johan JacobssonOrn1654
Peter JacobssonOrn1654
Anders (Andries) JansonOrn1654
Hans JansonOrn1654
Bernt (Baernt, Bengt) Janson (Jonson)Orn1654
Karin JohansdotterOrn1654
Girret JohanssonOrn1654
Herman (Harman) JohanssonOrn1654
Henrick JohanssonOrn1654
Hindrick JohanssonOrn1654
Philip JohanssonOrn1654
Simon JohanssonOrn1654
Thomas Johansson*Orn1654
Anders JonsonOrn1654
Bengt JonsonOrn1654
Joran (George) JonsonOrn1654
Hans JonsonOrn1654
Olof JonsonOrn1654
Paul JonsonOrn1654
Nils JoranssonOrn1654
Jacob JungeOrn1654
Jan. JustenOrn1654
Borge Nilson JuteOrn1654
Anders KampeOrn1654
Anders Matson KjaringOrn1654
Anders Klemelson (Klementsson)Orn1654
Lars Mansson KlockwareOrn1654
Lukas KrugerOrn1654
Marten KrumOrn1654
Lukas KypereOrn1654
Karin LarsdotterOrn1654
Karin LarsdotterOrn1654
Anders LarsonOrn1654
Nils LarsonOrn1654
Anders LarsonOrn1654
Bartil LarsonOrn1654
Hindrick LarsonOrn1654
Jons LarsonOrn1654
Lars LarsonOrn1654
Markus LarsonOrn1654
Pawel LarsonOrn1654
Peder (Per) LarsonOrn1654
Mats LarsonOrn1654
Olof Bertilson LikagodOrn1654
Peter Martensson LindestromOrn1654
Frans Lorensen (Lorans)Orn1654
Hindrick MatsonOrn1654
Martin MatsonOrn1654
Mats MatsonOrn1654
Mathias (Mats) MatsonOrn1654
Morten (Martin) MatsonOrn1654
Nils MatsonOrn1654
Karin MatzdochterOrn1654
Erick MichelssonOrn1654
Jacob MichelssonOrn1654
Lambert MichelssonOrn1654
Nils MjolnareOrn1654
Peter MortOrn1654
Mortin (Martin) MortensonOrn1654
Matthias NertuniusOrn1654
Per (Peder) NilsonOrn1654
Torgel (Torkil) NilsonOrn1654
Bjorn OlofssonOrn1654
Johan OlofssonOrn1654
Lars OlofssonOrn1654
Mathias OlofssonOrn1654
Anders Olofsson (Olsson)Orn1654
Mans Pafvelsson (Pawelson)Orn1654
Johan PapegojaOrn1654
Jon PerssonOrn1654
Johan PerssonOrn1654
Samuel PerssonOrn1654
Peter PetersonOrn1654
Peter PetersonOrn1654
Samuel PetersonOrn1654
Hans Preutz (Pryss, Prentz)Orn1654
Pafvel Nilsson QuistOrn1654
Nils Olofsson RafOrn1654
Olof RaseOrn1654
John RisingOrn1654
Marten RosenmannOrn1654
Lars Jonson RudeniusOrn1654
Johan SchaggenOrn1654
Peter Schal (Skall)Orn1654
Johan SchalbrickOrn1654
Jan SchoffelOrn1654
Jonas SkogOrn1654
Jan Mansson SkogOrn1654
Johan Matson SkrikaOrn1654
Sven SkuteOrn1654
Johan SkuteOrn1654
Olof in SlobijenOrn1654
Nicholas SmedOrn1654
Mans StakeOrn1654
Anders SvensonOrn1654
Lars Swartz (Black)Orn1654
Elin ThomasdochterOrn1654
Claes (Klas) ThomassonOrn1654
Anton ThorssonOrn1654
Alexander (Sander) ThorssonOrn1654
Nils Matson UtterOrn1654
Hans WalterOrn1654
Peter Hanson WendelOrn1654
Anders ZakariassonOrn1654
Peter (Per, Peder)Orn1654
Hans Amundsson BeskGyllene Haj1654
Sven Hakansson BroddGyllene Haj1654
Johan ErickssonGyllene Haj1654
Bengt ErickssonGyllene Haj1654
Sven HookGyllene Haj1654
Jan JansenGyllene Haj1654
Jacob JohanssonGyllene Haj1654
Eric JoranssonGyllene Haj1654
Berent JostenGyllene Haj1654
Carl JuliusGyllene Haj1654
Anders MatheusGyllene Haj1654
David N..…Gyllene Haj1654
Sigfrid OlofssonGyllene Haj1654
Johan OlofssonGyllene Haj1654
Bengt OlssonGyllene Haj1654
Anders SvenssonGyllene Haj1654
Olof TorkelssonGyllene Haj1654
Hendrick von ElswickGyllene Haj1654

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