Ingvor Rasmussen of Log (c1695-?)


December 10, 1713 or March 4, 1714 to Guri Erichsdatter (c1695-?) in Lista parish


Note: Church records in Vest-Agder have not been indexed for the years 1716-1725. Therefore, it is possible (and indeed quite likely) that Ingvor had more children during the first 10 years of his marriage. It is also possible, since the baptismal index did not contain the names of the mothers of the children, that Ingvor could have remarried during the span of 1716-1725; however there is no evidence at this point which supports such a contention.

The known children of Ingvor Rasmussen are:

There were two additional Ingvorssens (Tollag and Hans) who have no baptismal records, but who later married in Herad or Lista. Hans and Tollag may have been children from the first years of Ingvor's marriage. However, it should be noted that there was also an Ingvor Asgoudsen who was known to have born children between 1728 and 1747. There was also another man named Ingvor Eegeland who bore children in earlier years (1708-1712).

Likely SiblingsEdit

Both records were found in the Herad index.

Other Potential SiblingsEdit

The following is a list of Rasmussens and Rasmusdatters who were married within 20 years of Ingvor in Herad or Lista, Vest-Agder:

  • Martha Rasmusdatter (married Thollo Bentzen, 1693)
  • Engel Rasmusdatter (married Lars Stallesen, 1696)
  • Berte Rasmusdatter (married Ole Rolufsen, 1698)
  • Bore Rasmussen (married Karen Hansdatter, 1699)
  • Ane Rasmusdatter (married Lars Jorgensen, 1699)
  • Torber Rasmusdatter (married Osmund Jacobsen, 1699)
  • Ole Rasmussen (married Margrete Olsdatter, 1701)
  • Ane Rasmusdatter (married Ole Torkilsen, 1702)
  • Ane Rasmusdatter (married Ole Langeland, 1702)
  • Ole Rasmussen (married Todne Pedersdatter, 1703)
  • Diderik Rasmussen (married Inger Svenningsdatter, 1703)
  • Torber Rasmusdatter (married Osmund Obmundsen, 1704)
  • Olu Rasmusdatter (married Ole Knudsson, 1708)
  • Anna Rasmusdatter (married Ole Nielsen, 1710)
  • Anne Rasmusdatter (married Ole Erichsen, 1713)
  • Ane Rasmusdatter (married Bent Jonsen, 1713)
  • Rasmus Rasmussen (married Gunvor Larsdatter, 1714)
  • Niels Rasmussen (married Mallene Salvesdatter, 1728)
  • Giertrud Rasmusdatter (married Govert Jonssen, 1730)
  • Hans Rasmusen (married Marthe Larsdatter, 1732)

There is no hard evidence yet to prove that any of these people were siblings. However, note that Anne Rasmusdatter also married an Erichsen.