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Irene Anna Helena Bremer was born 7 October 1895 in Lake City, Minnesota, United States to Henry M. Bremer (1868-1935) and Anna Maria Ehlers (1876-1961) and died 24 October 1980 in Lake City, Minnesota, United States of recurrent and repeated cerebra-vascular accidents. She married Roy Carsten Meyer (1898-1965) 12 September 1919 in St. John's Lutheran Church, Lake City, Minnesota, United States. Ancestors are from Germany.


Her parents were strong members of the local church, St. John's Lutheran. She was confirmed on March 7, 1916.

Education and teaching career

Irene received a college education in the early 1900's. She graduated from Winona State Teachers College with a teaching license and began to teach school near her home town of Lake City soon after. Her teaching career was marred by anti-German sentiments as WWI began. She was a first generation American raised in a primarily German community. In 1918 she was accused of making pro-German statements in her classroom by three of her students, ages 11, 12 and 15 and resigned as the charges were investigated.[1] source

Soon after, she married and began a family of her own.


Offspring of Irene Bremer and Roy Carsten Meyer (1898-1965)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Ethel Irene Meyer (1920-2006) 29 August 1920 Lake City, Minnesota, United States 24 February 2006 Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, United States James A. Finley (-1988)

Ione Anna Meyer (1923) 23 September 1923 Lake City, Minnesota, United States 16 July 2010 Lake City, Minnesota, United States Wendell Luverne Olson (1923)



  1. ^ Aby, Anne J. The North Star State: a Minnesota history reader, p142.

Sources and notes

₪ Wedding
  • Roy Meyer's obituary
¶ Death
  • Irene Meyer's death certificate



Facts about "Irene Anna Helena Bremer (1895-1980)"RDF feed
Age at death85 +
AncestryGermany +
Birth blurb7 October 1895
Birth date7 October 1895 +
Birth date string7 October 1895
Birth day7 +
Birth latitude44.446 +
Birth localityLake City, Minnesota +
Birth longitude-92.271 +
Birth month10 +
Birth nationUnited States +
Birth nation-subdiv1Minnesota +
Birth place Lake City, Minnesota, United States
Birth year1,895 +
Children-g1Ethel Irene Meyer (1920-2006) + and Ione Anna Meyer (1923) +
Children-list1Ethel Irene Meyer (1920-2006)+Ione Anna Meyer (1923)
ContributorsUser:Lanica +
Contributors-display stringLanica
Death blurb24 October 1980
Death causesrecurrent and repeated cerebra-vascular accidents +
Death date24 October 1980 +
Death date string24 October 1980
Death day24 +
Death latitude44.446 +
Death localityLake City, Minnesota +
Death longitude-92.271 +
Death month10 +
Death nationUnited States +
Death nation-subdiv1Minnesota +
Death place Lake City, Minnesota, United States
Death sourcesIrene Meyer's death certificate
Death year1,980 +
Desc1Ethel Irene Meyer (1920-2006) + and Ione Anna Meyer (1923-2010) +
Desc2Janet Finley (Living) +, Michael J. Finley (Living) + and Joanne Finley (Living) +
FatherHenry M. Bremer (1868-1937) +
Given nameIrene +
Ifmarried-g1true +
ImageIrene Bremer c1920 +
Joined withRoy Carsten Meyer (1898-1965) +
Joined with-g1Roy Carsten Meyer (1898-1965) +
Long nameIrene Anna Helena Bremer +
Middle nameAnna Helena +
MotherAnna Maria Ehlers (1876-1961) +
Notable ancestors
Page language
SexF +
Short nameIrene Bremer +
Spouse latitude44.446 +
Spouse longitude-92.271 +
SurnameBremer +
Wedding1 addressSt. John's Lutheran Church +
Wedding1 date12 September 1919 +
Wedding1 day12 +
Wedding1 localityLake City, Minnesota +
Wedding1 month9 +
Wedding1 nationUnited States +
Wedding1 nation-subdiv1Minnesota +
Wedding1 place St. John's Lutheran Church, Lake City, Minnesota, United States
Wedding1 sourcesRoy Meyer's obituary
Wedding1 year1,919 +

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