Isaac Jewell
Sex: Male
Birth: 25/2/1796 Crowan Cornwall, England
Baptism: 28/2/1796 Crowan Cornwall
Death: buried 19/8/1835 Crowan Cornwall
Father: William Jewell
Mother: Jennifer Bosanko
Spouse/Partner: Sarah Harris
Marriage: 01/06/1819 Crowan Cornwall

Isaac Jewell was born in Crowan, Cornwall in 1796, to William and Jenifer Jewell (nee Bosanko). he was baptised three days later on 28th February, in the parish church at Crowan.

Little is known of Isaac's life other than the dates provided by church records.


Isaac married Sarah Harris at the parish church in Crowan on 1st June 1819. She too had been born and raised in Crowan.

The couple would have 9 known children together, but it is possible that only 7 made it into adulthood. All were christened in Crowan.


Isaac died at a young age, only 39. His youngest child was barely 6 months old at the time. Without a grave inscription or death certificate for that early period of time, it is difficult to determine what he died of at this stage. If he was a miner, mining accidents for the year 1835 near Crowan should be investigated.


Name Birth Death
Children of Isaac and Sarah Jewell

Thomas baptised 19/12/1819
baptised Crowan Cornwall
Mar Q 1873
Redruth District, Cornwall

William baptised 19/2/1821
baptised Crowan Cornwall
after 1891

Isaac baptised 1/05/1823
baptised Crowan Cornwall
before 1866

Christiana baptised 02/05/1824
baptised Crowan Cornwall
Peachy Belt, South Australia

Salome baptised 13/10/1825
baptised Crowan Cornwall
Jun Q 1884
Redruth District, Cornwall

Ann baptised 13/12/1826
baptised Crowan Cornwall

John baptised 18/10/1828
baptised Crowan Cornwall
after 1881

Abraham baptised 10/09/1832
baptised Crowan Cornwall

Elizabeth Jane baptised 23/02/1835
baptised Crowan Cornwall


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  • Information from Reece Spicer
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