Isaac Rice
Sex: Male
Birth: 20 July 1784
Death: 20 September 1805
Father: Elijah Rice
Mother: Peggy Margaret Patterson
Spouse/Partner: Elizabeth Betsy Sibley
Marriage: 03 October 1815


Name Birth Death
Children of Isaac and Elizabeth

Hiram Rice 09 November 1816
Henniker, New Hampshire
17 May 1894
Henniker, New Hampshire

Elizabeth G Rice 07 June 1819
Henniker, New Hampshire
21 March 1908


  • The Rice Family - compiled by Paul Labrie

Isaac Rice (1784-1876) was born in Henniker, New Hampshire. When he was 10 years old he received his first pair of shoes. His mother died when he was only 12 years old, and he was sent to live with his uncle Alexander Patterson, who was known as "Uncle Sandy". He attended school when possible, and was taught at home by Mrs. Patterson, who was a teacher. He attended High School in Hopkinton for two terms and then commenced teaching. When he turned 21 years of age he left the security of his uncle and went on his own. He received for seven years of labor, a pair of steers, which he sold, taking the purchaser's note which was never paid. In 1811 he was appointed the first Postmaster of Henniker, New Hampshire. The Post Office, after being in Judge Darling's house for a while, and then Edward Whittman's house for a while, was moved to the Rice family house. He was Postmaster for thirty years until June 1841. "He performed the duties of office with usual fidelity and was ever ready to serve the public whose servant he was." He was also selectman for 8 years and town clerk for several years. "Almost his entire life was spent in Henniker, and in his younger days, he performed a large amount of business for the town and it's citizens, all of which was done in the most faithful manner, with rigid economy and strict honesty." He died in Henniker 11 May 1876 at the age of 92.