Israel Eldert (c1734-aft1800)
Israel Eldert
Sex: Male
Birth: around 1734 in New York
Death: after 1800
Father: Johannes Eldert II (bef1705-?)
Siblings: Martha Eldert (1729-1805)
Benjamin Eldert (c1731-bef1790)
Rachel Eldert (c1733-?)
Abigail Eldert (c1737-?)
James Eldert (bef1755-aft1800) (possibly a nephew)
Spouse/Partner: Anna Totten (c1736-aft1763)
Marriage: June 24, 1760 in Hempstead,
Nassau County, New York
Children: Samuel Eldert (1760-aft1830)
John Eldert (c1761-aft1820)
William Eldert (c1765-bef1790)
Sarah Eldert (c1767-?)
Jane Eldert (c1769-1846)
Mary Eldert (c1782-1794)

Israel Eldert (c1734-aft1763) was a New York colonist and a member of the Eldert family of South Hempstead, New York.


Israel was born around 1734 in New York. His father was Johannes Eldert II (bef1705-?).

Marriage to Anna TottenEdit

On June 24, 1760, Israel married Anna Totten (c1736-aft1763) in Nassau County, New York.

Children by Anna TottenEdit

Israel and Anna had 5 known children together:

All of these children lived to maturity, with the possible exception of William, who appears to have died childless prior to the 1790 census.

1790 CensusEdit

On page 4 of the 1790 census of South Hempstead (Nassau County, New York) was a cluster of two households, corresponding to the family of Israel Eldert.

Household of Israel EldertEdit

Israel resided with his wife Anna Totten (c1736-aft1763) and son Samuel Eldert (1760-aft1830), as well as three daughters, Sarah Eldert (c1767-?), Jane Eldert (c1769-1846) and Mary Eldert (c1782-1794).

Household of son John EldertEdit

Next door to Israel was the household of his already married son John Eldert (bef1775-aft1820). John resided with his wife Mary Birdsall, as well as three sons and two daughters. One of John's sons was Israel Eldert (bet1780&1790-aft1830). Another either died childless prior to 1800 or was reported as under 10 in the 1800 census. The third either died childless prior to 1800 or was residing with John's father Israel (the subject of this article) in the 1800 census. Neither of John's two daughters appear in the 1800 census, suggesting that either they both died, or that one died and the other was reported as under 10 in the 1800 census.

1800 CensusEdit

Household of Israel EldertEdit

Israel's household appears on page 4 of the 1800 census of South Hempstead. There are three adults of the household, all over 45 years, two of which must be Israel and his wife Anna Totten. The identity of the third woman is unknown. There is also one boy in the household born between 1784 and 1790, presumed to be Israel's grandson Israel Eldert (bet1780&1790-aft1830) who does not appear in the household of his father John. There are also two other females in the household, one between the ages of 16 and 26, and the other between the ages of 26 and 45. The older of the two was either Israel's daughter Sarah Eldert (c1767-?) or Jane Eldert (c1769-1846), although it is unclear which one of Israel's two oldest daughters (Sarah or Jane) married prior to 1800. The younger girl could not have been Israel's daughter Mary Eldert (c1782-1794), as she died in 1794. It must have been one of Israel's grand-daughters (i.e., another child of John and brother of Israel).

Israel's sonsEdit

Israel's sons, Samuel and John still resided nearby in South Hempstead, but no longer on the same land as their father.

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