Israel Gettenberg
Sex: Male
Birth: circa 1840
Kolbuszowa, Poland
Spouse/Partner: Devorah Fingerhut
Marriage: circa 1880
Kolbuszowa, Poland
Children: Meyer Gettenberg (1882-1919)
Samuel Gettenberg (1888-?)
Isidore Gettenberg (1890-1964)
Sarah Gettenberg (1890-1952)
Joe Gettenberg (1898-1978)
Nathan Gettenberg (1902-1995)

Israel Gettenberg of Kolbuszowa in Poland.


He was born around 1840.


He married Devorah Fingerhut, aka Dwora Fingerhut around 1880.


All the children were born in Kolbuszowa in Poland and emigrated to the United States.

  • Meyer Gettenberg (1882-1952) aka Max Gettenberg, who married Sarah Geldzeiler on Christmas, December 25, 1904 in Manhattan, New York. He was married under the name "Mayer Gettenberg" and he died under the name "Max Gettenberg". Both Sara and Max arrived in the Unites States in 1902 according to the 1930 census and 1889 acording to the 1910 census. Max was 16 or 20 years old when he arrived. Sarah's parents were Hyman Geldzeiler and Feige Dickstein.
  • Samuel Gettenberg (1888-?) who married Lena Hagler and they had Sidney Gettenberg (1930- ) who married Gloria.
  • Isidore Gettenberg (1890-1964) aka Izzie Gettenberg, who married Blanche X who died of influenza while pregnant and the baby died in utero. He then married Clara Rauschfeld (c1890-1952) on September 14, 1919 in Manhattan, and they had no children. He died on September 13, 1964 and was buried in Mount Hebron Cemetery. Clara died on May 18, 1952 and was also buried in Mount Hebron.
  • Sarah Gettenberg (1890-1952) who married Joseph Brandler (1888-1953). She worked as a domestic servant. She arrived in the United States in 1903, at age 13. They are both buried in Mount Hebron Cemetery.
  • Joe Gettenberg (1898-1978) who never married. He appears to have been born on July 30, 1897, and he died in February of 1978 in Middletown, New York. They were living in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York in 1920.
  • Nathan Gettenberg (1902-1995) married Ray Leibler (1904-1991), aka Rachel on May 23, 1926 in Manhattan. He was born on December 22, 1902 and died on November 05, 1995 in Middletown, Orange County, New York. His social security number was 120287812. They had three children: Sidney Gettenberg; Dorothy Gettenberg; and Natalie Gettenberg who married Marty Rosenbaum. Natalie and Marty had 4 children. Nathan arrived in the United States in 1921 at age 19. They were living in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York in 1930. from 1941 to at least 1947 He operated Gettenberg's Restaurant in Middletown and later in Port Jervis.