Jørgen Larsen was born 12 April 1931 in Frederiksberg, Denmark and died July 2009 at Kornager 102 in Kokkedal, Denmark of unspecified causes. He married Yen Elisabeth Eilertzen (1946) 1972 at Frederiksberg City Hall in Frederiksberg, Denmark. He married Else Marie Larsen 1985 .


Offspring of Yen Eilertzen and Jørgen Larsen (1932-2009)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Frederik Krautwald (1973-) 30 January 1973 Frederiksberg, Denmark Heba Margrét Harðardóttir


Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
  • Jørgen grew up in Gentofte, Denmark, and Vangede, Denmark. They were four siblings: three brothers and one sister. His family descended from the Inner Mission's founder, Johan Vilhelm Beck (1829-1901). As young, Jørgen went to study becoming a smith, but immediately after his education he left the profession for the air force, where he became a fighter pilot and received his education on Aunø and in Arizona.

After his time in the air force, he worked many placed around the world. Among these he photo mapped areas in Canada, documented the eruption of Mount Hekla in Iceland, and looked for oil in Bali. For some years he worked with Danish Air Technology on the design and implementation of weapon systems for the F-16 air fighter plane. In the end of his career he developed software for leasing companies and worked as a consultant in his friend Danni's company. Jørgen didn't stop work till he was 73.

In the last eight years of his life, Jørgen was an active member of the Odd Fellow Lodge.

¶ Death
  • Jørgen was ill in his last years. He experienced a rupture of an aneurysm in the aorta, but survived. He expressed, he got another four years. In the end, he got diagnosed with malign cancer in the kidneys and lungs, which he died of.
§ Remains
  • Buried by vicar Jørgen Sejergaard


  Frederik.krautwald, Robin Patterson