Jacob Gundersen (1766-1838) of Lindtiørn
Jakob Gunnarsen
Sex: Male
Baptism: October, 1763
Rogaland, Norway
Death: July 16, 1838
Father: Gunder Jacobsen (unlikely)
Mother: Anne Marie Olsdatter (unlikely)
Siblings: Oline Gundersdatter (1771-?) (unlikely)
Edel Maria Gundersdatter (1773-?) (unlikely)
Spouse/Partner: Gitlaug Tollaksdatter (1773-1808)
Marriage: October 31, 1790
Rogaland, Norway
Children: Johannes Jakobson (1791-?)
Maria Jakobsdatter (1793-?)
Johanne Jacobsdatter (1795-?) of Lindtjørn
Kristiansund Jakobson (1800-1881)
Gunnar Jakobson (1801-?)


Most likely scenario: Jacob's marriage record states that he was from Ogna (see below), Although there is no record of a Jacob Gundersen having been born in Ogna, there was a Jacob Gundersen baptized October 1763 to a "Gunder Ekestad" in nearby Helleland, now part of the Eigersund municipality.

Second possibility: It has also been suggested that the subject of this article is the same Jacob Gundersen who was the son of Gunder Jacobsen and Anne Olesdatter, baptized in nearby Sokndal in December, 1766. Sokndal is about 30 miles south of Ogna along the coast. However, that Jacob appears to be living with his sister Edel in the 1801 census of Sokndal, yet unmarried.

Incorrect parents: There is at least one genealogy that lists Jacob's parents as Gunnar Gundersen and Johanne Olsdatter, a family that resided in Mykelsbust, some 500 miles away. The two families are clearly not connected.


Jacob's marriage record refers to him as Jacob Gunnersen of Ougno. Presumably, Ougno was a misspelling of Ogna, where he must have resided prior to marriage.
Jakob Gunnarsen marriage

1801 CensusEdit

After marriage, Jacob resided with his wife in Lindtiørn until at least 1801. Gitlou's parents also resided in the same home.
Jacob Gundersen census


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