Jacob Simonszoon Korver was born 9999 in Oterleek, North Holland, Netherlands to Simon Korver (c1615-) and Ariean Claes (?-?) and died circa 1717 in Schermer, North Holland, Netherlands of unspecified causes. He married Anna Dirks (?-?) . Ancestors are from the Netherlands.

Jacob Korver was born in Oterleek and lived in Schermer. He has no known descendents of the name Korver. His daughter Adriana married Maarten Pietersz Braat, and daughter Neeltje married Jan Cornelisz Admiraal.


Offspring of Jacob Korver and Anna Dirks (?-?)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Theodorus Korver (1697-1697)
Theodorus Korver (1698-?)
Maria Korver (1699-?)
Adriana Korver (1702-aft1724)
Neeltje Korver (1702-bef1737)
Simon Korver (?-?) 9999 Schermer, North Holland, Netherlands 9999 Netherlands Neeltje Joris (?-?)

Namesakes of Jacob Korver (-c1717)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Jacob Korver (1875-1952)Sijbekarspel, North Holland, NetherlandsZaandam, North Holland, NetherlandsCornelis Korver (1844-aft1899)Immetje Besseling (1850-1899)
Jacob Korver (1700-1768)Benningbroek, North Holland, NetherlandsBenningbroek, North Holland, NetherlandsPieter Korver (c1657-1711)Trijntje Jans Koenis (?-?)Maartje Jans (?-?)+Vrouwtje Willems Kragt (1716-)
Jacob Korver (1870-c1945)Alkmaar, North Holland, NetherlandsAlkmaar, North Holland, NetherlandsPetrus Korver (1836-1907)Jansje Zutt (1840-1903)Elisabeth Catharina Brakenhof (1872-1908)+Elisabeth Bruin (1866-1940)
Jacob Korver (-c1717)Oterleek, North Holland, NetherlandsSchermer, North Holland, NetherlandsSimon Korver (c1615-)Ariean Claes (?-?)Anna Dirks (?-?)
Jacob Korver (1930-)AlkmaarJohannes Korver (1884-1942)Betje van Leeren (1888-1973)A. Sijswerda (?-)
Jacob Korver (1761-?)Benningbroek, NetherlandsPieter Korver (1736-1795)Geertje Klaas Broers (?-1804)Maartje Frans Hoek (1764-bef1805)+Geertje Rens Hartog (?-?)
Jacob Korver (1808-1847)Benningbroek, North Holland, NetherlandsLeeuwarden, Friesland, NetherlandsKlaas Korver (1766-1843)Guurtje Jans Floor (1772-1833)Neeltje Raat (1812-1881)
Jacob Korver (1814-1886)Wognum, North Holland, NetherlandsSijbekarspel, North Holland, NetherlandsSimon Korver (1776-1840)Antje Maurits (1781-1858)

Footnotes (including sources)

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