Jacob Korver was born 1700 in Benningbroek, North Holland, Netherlands to Pieter Korver (c1657-1711) and Trijntje Jans Koenis (?-?) and died 1768 in Benningbroek, North Holland, Netherlands of unspecified causes. He married Maartje Jans (?-?) 24 May 1735 in Wognum, North Holland, Netherlands. Ancestors are from the Netherlands.

Jacob's daughter Neeltje was married to Jacob Pietersz Knol.


Offspring of Jacob Korver and Maartje Jans (?-?)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Pieter Korver (1736-1795) 1736 Wognum, Netherlands 1795 Benningbroek, Netherlands Geertje Klaas Broers (?-1804)

Simon Korver (1737-1753?)
Neeltje Korver (1739-1790)
Trijntje Korver (1740-1766?)
Aagje Korver (1742-1768)

Namesakes of Jacob Korver (1700-1768)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Jacob Korver (1808-1847)Benningbroek, North Holland, NetherlandsLeeuwarden, Friesland, NetherlandsKlaas Korver (1766-1843)Guurtje Jans Floor (1772-1833)Neeltje Raat (1812-1881)
Jacob Korver (1814-1886)Wognum, North Holland, NetherlandsSijbekarspel, North Holland, NetherlandsSimon Korver (1776-1840)Antje Maurits (1781-1858)
Jacob Korver (1875-1952)Sijbekarspel, North Holland, NetherlandsZaandam, North Holland, NetherlandsCornelis Korver (1844-aft1899)Immetje Besseling (1850-1899)
Jacob Korver (1700-1768)Benningbroek, North Holland, NetherlandsBenningbroek, North Holland, NetherlandsPieter Korver (c1657-1711)Trijntje Jans Koenis (?-?)Maartje Jans (?-?)+Vrouwtje Willems Kragt (1716-)
Jacob Korver (1870-c1945)Alkmaar, North Holland, NetherlandsAlkmaar, North Holland, NetherlandsPetrus Korver (1836-1907)Jansje Zutt (1840-1903)Elisabeth Catharina Brakenhof (1872-1908)+Elisabeth Bruin (1866-1940)
Jacob Korver (-c1717)Oterleek, North Holland, NetherlandsSchermer, North Holland, NetherlandsSimon Korver (c1615-)Ariean Claes (?-?)Anna Dirks (?-?)
Jacob Korver (1930-)AlkmaarJohannes Korver (1884-1942)Betje van Leeren (1888-1973)A. Sijswerda (?-)
Jacob Korver (1761-?)Benningbroek, NetherlandsPieter Korver (1736-1795)Geertje Klaas Broers (?-1804)Maartje Frans Hoek (1764-bef1805)+Geertje Rens Hartog (?-?)

Footnotes (including sources)

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