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Jacob Magee (c1760-1816)Sampson County, North Carolina, United StatesWater Holes, Pike County, Mississippi, United StatesJohn Magee (c1742-c1802)Sarah Ann Moore (c1745-1795)Mary Scott (c1763-1836)
Jacob Magee (1818-1909)Washington ParishWashington ParishJohn Magee (1792-1877)Sarah Louise Magee (1800-1889)Lenora Morgan+Mary Ann Daniels (1821-1901)
Jacob Haverson Magee (1865-1926)Eland E. Magee (1841-1881)Louise SmithSarah M. Ellzey
Jacob Ira Magee (1873-1940)Pike CountyWalthall CountyDaniel Ira Magee (1854-1888)Mary Bell BooneLaura Dunaway (1874-1954)
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