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This page on Jacob Peak quotes extensively some of my posts to the Peak Rootsweb Forum. These are out of context because they were all in response for someone's request for information about their ancestry. I am not the author of this page and believe that the forum comments should remain on the Peak Rootsweb Forum where they can be challenged conveneniently if someone disagrees with them, There are numerous errors in other entries on this page. Ed O'Brien

Jacob Peak purchased 50 Acres on the East Fork of Poplar Creek from Edward Hawkins for $200 on 9/6/1805
Author: Ed O'Brien Date: 24 Jan 2002 11:15 PM GMT

I believe that father of Jacob was John based on 1784/1785 Tax records discovered by Paul Peak. William was identified as Jacob's father by SW Peak in 1930s. SW was son of Bird and grandson of Jacob. However, the William that was IDd was only 13 years old when Jacob was born. I have copy of SW Peak document that I received from Martha StWally. Think that brothers of Jacob, sons of John were Cue, Abel and Jonathon. Elizabeth possible daughter. Mary Polly Jones daughter of Thomas Jones and wife, Mary, possibly Renfro.
John PEAK, Va and Tn, 1700's
Posted by: Ed O'Brien Date: May 26, 1999 at 16:00:17 of 697
Trying to tie John PEAK of Pittsylvania/Henry/Franklin counties, Va, father of Jacob and Cue PEAK per 1784 Tax rolls, to John PEAK/PEEK of Pr Edward County, son of John PEAK/PEEK, brother of George PEAK/PEEK and also to John PEAK Sr of Anderson County, Tn per 1805 Tax Rolls. Any help would be appreciated or if someone can show that they were different people that also would be appreciated. John also father of Abel and Jonathon PEAK. Jacob PEAK settled in Anderson Co, TN and Abel in Morgan Co, Tn.
Re: John PEAK, Va and Tn, 1700's
Posted by: Ed O'Brien Date: November 21, 1999 at 15:56:04
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Paula: Don't know if Imo got back to you on this or not. I have corresponded with her. I am pretty sure that Esther was the daughter of John who I am researching and sister of Jonathon, Abel and Jacob. I am of Jacob line. Sorry I didn't respond earlier but hadn't visited the Peak page in some time. Abel and Jacob both married Jones girls as did one of the Rentfro boys.
Ed O'Brien
Re: PEAK Family Tenn-Ill.
Posted by: Ed O'Brien Date: January 19, 1999 at 16:07:33
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In Response in your query.
Jacob Peak was born Jan. 1, 1769 and died Oct. 15, 1853. He married Mary Jones on Jan 14, 1789. Mary Jones Peak was born Aug 21, 1769 and died Mar 30, 1843. They had 13 children according to the Bible of Paul R. Peak and the Bible of Rhoda Butler Cross, 131 East Oklahoma St, Knoxville, Tennesee. The children were:
1) James, born Oct 3 1789. Moved to parts unknown. Died Aug 15 1853.
2) Elizabeth ?(Betsy)?, born Aug 26, 1791. Married Abram Hagler and had 12 children. Died about 1880.
3) Chole ?(Cole)?, born Jan 14, 1793 and Married Griffith. Lived in Benton, Alabama.
4) Vilotta, born Oct 26, 1784. Married Benjamin Hagler. Lived in Anderson County, Tennesee. They had 7 children. The third child, John Carrol Hagler, was raised near Exeter, Illinois by his uncle West Peak.
5) Susannah ?(Sucky)?, was born Oct 5, 1796. She married Thomas Hagler. They lived in Roane County, Tennesee. They had eight children.
6) Jemima ?(Mary)?, Mary Jemima, born Mar 24, 1798 and married Jacob Rector. Lived in Warren County, Kentucky.
7) Jacob, born Mar 1, 1800. Married Keziah Prigmore. Lived in Meige County, Tennesee. They had eight children.
8) Bird ?(Byrd)?, born Oct 25, 1801 and died Jan 8, 1892. He married Harriet Williams and moved to Scott County, Illinois in 1835. They had 11 children.
9) Absalom, born Feb 10, 1803 and died May 23, 1867. He married Rebecca Butler on Mar 29, 1823. They came to Illinois in 1829 and settled on a farm south of Exeter in Scott County where they both died. Rebecca Butler was born Feb 15, 1805 in Anderson County, Tennesee. They had 10 children.
10) Rhoda was born May 15, 1805 and married William Butler. The lived in Anderson County, Tennesee and had 11 children
11) Luke Peak was born Aug 25, 1807, married Malinda Prigmore and had 8 children.
12) West ?(Wesley)? was born March 15, 1809, married Nancy Pickle and lived near Exeter, Scott County, Illinois.
13) William was born Feb 1, 1812 and married Sally Tunnell. They had 11 children. He was purchasing agent for the confederate army. He died near Dalton, Georgia of pneumonia from rating supplies and was buried on Jacob Peak's farm.
John Absolam Peak, son of William Peak married Elizabeth Hutson. She died Feb 15, 1879. He then married Sabra Scarboro. They divorced, no children. His third wife was Margret Rachel Garner, niece of Vice President Garner.
Their child was Clyde Wm. Peak who was born Aug 29, 1882. He resided at 420 So. Main St., Clinton, Tennesee. He had resided on the land of his great grandfather, Jacob Peak, until 1943 when he was forced to sell the property to the United States to become part of the Atomic Energy Plant. ?(Oak Ridge)?
He married Volina Caroline Peak on Nov 24, 1914. They had two children, Margaret and Sarah Lee Peak.
Clyde Wm. Peak's grandfather was the son of ?(13)? William Peak who was a brother of your great grandfather, Absalom Peak. This last sentence was addressed to my grandmother, Mary Isabel Peak Evans.
Mary Jones Peak was one of eight children as follows:
Joseph Jones born Sept 19, 1759
Jeremiah Jones born Aug 15, 1761
Susan Jones born April 6, 1765
Sarah Jones born Mar 31, 1767
Mary Jones born Aug 21, 1769
Thomas Jones born Dec 13, 1771
Lyda Jones born Jan 30, 1776
Fanny Jones born Dec 22, 1773
The reference to the bible was one from the thirties or forties so it is questionable if there is anyone there currently related to us.
I found recently that the 1850 Census contains a reference that although it is listed as Peck is, I believe really Peak. Note that Villota is living with her father then and one of her son's ?(The same one referenced above raised by West)? was living with them in Anderson County Tennessee.
1850 Census, Anderson Cty, Tennessee GEN 929.376873 E144E 1850
Jacob Peck, farmer $3000 Age 81 born Va
Martha Age 45 born SC
Vilolota Age 55 born Va
J.C Hagler, farmer Age 27 born Tn
These are the right ages for Jacob Peak and his daughter Villota. Also, Villota married a Hagler and presumably this is her son. Martha could be a daugher in law of Jacob's.
census/1840/TENNESSEE/ANDERSON/NO TWP LISTED/28A lists a Jacob Peak naming only the head of the household.
The family includes the following:
1 male 20-30 years old
1 male 70-80 years old
2 female 15-20 years old
1 female 40-50 years old
1 female 70-80 years old
This also indicates that the family had 21 slaves.
The same census page lists a William Peak. The family includes the following:
1 male 20-30
3 females under 5
1 female 20-30
Jacob Peak and his wife, Molly?(polly)? Jones, were both 71 during the 1840 census year.
William Peak and his wife, Sarah ?(Sally)? Tunnel, were both 28 during the 1840 census year.
William Peak and Sarah had three children under 5 during the 1840 census. Their names were as follows:
 ?(Note: these names were found in the census/1850/Tennesse/Anderson?

Date:01 JAN 1769
Location:at Pittsylvania, Henry County, Virginia, USA

Location:at Pittsylvania, Henry County, Virginia, USA

Date:15 OCT 1853
Location:at Anderson County, Tennessee, USA

Wife: Mary Polly Jones (1769-1846)
Marriage: :
Date:14 JAN 1789
Location:at Franklin County, Virginia, USA

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