Jacobus Tol was born 30 April 1896 in Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands to Klaas Tol (1857-1919) and Marijtje Bergen (1869-1920) and died 4 March 1958 in Heemstede, North Holland, Netherlands of unspecified causes. He married Anna Klinkert (1897-1976) 1 August 1922 in Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands. Ancestors are from the Netherlands.


Offspring of Jacobus Tol and Anna Klinkert (1897-1976)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Maria Tol (1923-1991)
Pieter Tol (1928-1999) 18 July 1928 Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands 6 December 1999 Heemstede, North Holland, Netherlands Cornelia J. Hamelink (1930-)

Nicolaas J. Tol (1935-1973) 23 September 1935 Heemstede, North Holland, Netherlands 8 September 1973 Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands Geertje Koopmans (1933-)

Jacobus N. Tol (1937-) 1 October 1937 Heemstede, North Holland, Netherlands Geertruida Oudshoorn (1938-)

Namesakes of Jacobus Tol (1896-1958)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Jacobus Tol (1896-1958)Hoorn, North Holland, NetherlandsHeemstede, North Holland, NetherlandsKlaas Tol (1857-1919)Marijtje Bergen (1869-1920)Anna Klinkert (1897-1976)
Jaap Tol (1927-1992)Hoorn, North Holland, NetherlandsArnhem, Gelderland, NetherlandsJaap Tol (1902-1958)Marijtje Tool (1902-1993)Elisabeth Lamers (1931-)
Jacobus Tol (1879-1952)Egmond-Binnen, North Holland, NetherlandsNew York City, New York, United StatesJan Tol (1847-1921)Maartje Duijn (1852-1928)
Jaap Tol (1928-)Alkmaar, North Holland, NetherlandsJacob Tol (1899-)Johanna Smit (?-?)Henriette Louise Winkelaar (?-?)
Jacobus J.M. Tol (1947-)Hoorn, North Holland, NetherlandsPiet Tol (1915-1984)Petronella J. van der Molen (1922-1997)Nel Slagter (1947-)
Jacobus N. Tol (1937-)Heemstede, North Holland, NetherlandsJacobus Tol (1896-1958)Anna Klinkert (1897-1976)Geertruida Oudshoorn (1938-)
Jacobus P.J. Tol (1944-)Hoorn, North Holland, NetherlandsPiet Tol (1915-1984)Petronella J. van der Molen (1922-1997)Afra Mol (1945-)

Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
  • Klaas Tol (2001), Het Westfriese Tollenboek 1600-2000, Stichting Westfriese Families, Hoorn.

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