James Eldert (bef1755-aft1800)
James Eldert
Sex: Male
Birth: before 1755 in New York
Death: after 1800
Father: either Johannes Eldert II (bef1705-?)
or Benjamin Eldert (c1731-bef1790)
Children: Richard Eldert (c1775-aft1860)
Nicholas Eldert (bet1765&1780-aft1810)
(son) Eldert (bef 1790-bef1800) (died childless)
(son) Eldert (bef 1790-bef1800) (died childless)
(daughter) Eldert (bef1790-?) (died or married prior to 1800)
Abigail Eldert (c1790-aft1850) (died childless)


James was either the brother or son of Benjamin Eldert (c1731-bef1790), who was in turn a son of Johannes Eldert II (bef1705-?).

1790 CensusEdit

James was listed as a head of household on the third page of the census of South Hempstead in present-day Nassau County, New York. The household consisted of James, his wife, two sons over 16 years in age, two sons under 16 years of age and two daughters. Two of the sons were Nicholas Eldert (bet1765&1774-aft1810) and Richard Eldert (c1775-aft1860). Another two of the sons died or left Long Island prior to 1800, and their names are unknown. one of the two daughters was Abigail Eldert (c1790-aft1850). The name of the other is unknown, as she either died or married parior to 1800.

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