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James George Parkins (1886 - 1941)


James George Parkins was born in 1886 in Brentford, Middlesex. His parents were George Robert Parkins (1853-1906), a fisherman, and Caroline Sedgwick (1860-1920), a fishmonger. James had a sister, Caroline Emma Parkins (1884-1922). In 1907 in Brentford, Middlesex, James Parkins married Jessie Huggett (1886-1947), of Brentford, the daughter of Timothy James Huggett (1846-1896), a barge builder and Sarah Ann Allden (1845-1927/31). James and Jessie had the following children:

  • Jessie Parkins (born 1910), married Len West
  • James Parkins
  • George R Parkins (born 1912), married in 1934 to Ellen Andrews, had three children: David G Parkins (born 1945), Catherine Parkins (born ?) and James R Parkins (born 1948)
  • Timothy Parkins (1914-1918)
  • Lilian May Parkins (1918-1986), married in 1939 to Kenneth George Pretty (died 2005)
  • Charles D Parkins (born 1920), married Joan West
  • Florence Caroline Parkins (1923-1996), married in 1947 to Ronald Pearce
  • Walter Alfred Parkins (1927-1977), married in 1947 to Margareta F Pointner (1928-2008), had four children: Walter Charles Parkins (born 1948), Geoffery Kenneth Parkins (1950-2012), Martin Francis Parkins (born 1955) and Jacqueline F A Parkins (born 1967)

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