Notes supporting Samuel Walker (1714-1793) of Natural Bridge article. Marriage of John Greenlee (1738-?) and Hannah McClanahan (?-?) This is unsourced information, used for general reference only. It is assumed that John Greenlee was the son of James Greenlee, and the reference to where John was born "in Old House on Cedar Creek above Natural Bridge) was the home of James Greenlee where Samuel Walker participated in the inquisition in 1750

John Greenlee b: 4 OCT 1738

  • Married: 1767 in Old House, on Cedar Creek above Natural Bridge


  • 1 James Greenlee
  • 2 Elijah Greenlee
  • 3 John Greenlee
  • 4 Mary E. Greenlee
  • 5 William Greenlee
  • 6 David Greenlee
  • 7 Samuel Greenlee

Name: Hannah McClanahan

Note: When a little girl, escaped during an Indian massacre, in which her father's family were the victims. Hid under a foot log across a creek. When she and her husband were very old she went to visit one of their sons who lived in southern Georgia. She took sick and died, on the return trip he made it to North Carolina where he took sick and died.

  • Father: Elijah McClanahan
  • Mother: Ann Ewing

Name: James GREENLEE Marriage Mary Elizabeth MCDOWELL b: 17 Nov 1711 in North Ireland Child list John GREENLEE b: 1738 James GREENLEE b: 1740 Grace GREENLEE Samuel GREENLEE James II GREENLEE

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