Greg Vaughan was born 15 June 1973 in Dallas County, Texas, United States to James Gregory Vaughan. Sr. (1954) and Barbara Ann Alt (1955) .



1st Generation

  • 1 Greg Vaughan

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

  • 4 James Lee Vaughan, Jr. (1926) of Texas
  • 5 Martha Rita Davis
  • 6 Thomas Edward Alt (c1926) of Texas
  • 7 Alethia Ann Brockles (c1925) of Texas

4th Generation

  • 8 James Lee Vaughan, Sr. (c1900) of TN
  • 9 Pearl Dean Miller (c1897) of TN
  • 12 William David Alt (1886-1957) of Iowa
  • 13 Gertrude Nesmith (c1888-) of Ohio
  • 14 A. A. Brockles (c1892-) of Corinth, Greece
  • 15 Ola Unknown (1901-1982) of Arkansas

5th Generation

6th Generation

7th Generation

8th Generation

  • 206 [Asa Hubbell (1783-1868)]]
  • 207 Elizabeth Benedict (1791-1849) of New York

9th Generation

10th Generation

11th Generation

12th Generation

13th Generation

14th Generation

15th Generation

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