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Col. James Hamilton was born circa 1620 to George Hamilton, 1st Baronet Hamilton of Donalong (c1607-1679) and Mary Butler (-1680) and died 6 June 1673 of unspecified causes. He married Elizabeth Colepeper (c1637-1709) 1661 . Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814), Alfred the Great (849-899), Hugh Capet (c940-996), Rurik (c832-879), Henry II of England (1133-1189), William I of England (1027-1087). Ancestors are from Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Portugal, England, Belgium, Netherlands, the Byzantine Empire, Italy.


Offspring of James Hamilton and Elizabeth Colepeper (c1637-1709)
Name Birth Death Joined with
James Hamilton, 6th Earl of Abercorn (c1661-1734) 1661 28 September 1734 Elizabeth Reading (c1669-1754)

George Hamilton (-1692)
William Hamilton (-1737)

Namesakes of James Hamilton (c1620-1673)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
James Hamilton, 6th Earl of Abercorn (c1661-1734)James Hamilton (c1620-1673)Elizabeth Colepeper (c1637-1709)Elizabeth Reading (c1669-1754)
James Hamilton (1840-1871)Kiama, New South Wales, AustraliaJames Hamilton (bef1840)Sophia unknown (bef1840)Elizabeth Jarrett (1843-1929)
James Hamilton, 2nd Duke of Abercorn (1838-1913)James Hamilton, 1st Duke of Abercorn (1811-1885)Louisa Jane Russell (1812-1905)Mary Anne Curzon-Howe (1848-1929)
James Hamilton, 1st Earl of Arran (c1475-1529)ScotlandUnited KingdomJames Hamilton, 1st Lord Hamilton (c1415-1479)Mary Stewart, Princess of Scotland (1453-1488)Elizabeth Home+Janet Bethune (1490-1522)+Beatrix Drummond+
James Hamilton, 1st Duke of Abercorn (1811-1885)London, England, United KingdomBaronscourtJames Hamilton (1786-1814)Harriet Douglas (1792-1833)Louisa Jane Russell (1812-1905)
James Hamilton, 1st Duke of Hamilton (1606-1649)James Hamilton, 2nd Marquess of Hamilton (1589-1625)Anne Cuninghame (bef1588-1647)Margaret Feilding (c1613-1638)+Mary Livingstone (-1638)
James Hamilton (1786-1814)Petersham Lodge, Surrey, England, United KingdomLondon, Middlesex, England, United KingdomJohn James Hamilton, 1st Marquess of Abercorn (1756-1818)Catherine Copley (c1758-1791)Harriet Douglas (1792-1833)
James Hamilton, Duke of Châtellerault (c1516-1575)James Hamilton, 1st Earl of Arran (c1475-1529)Janet Bethune (1490-1522)Margaret Douglas (c1510-1579)
James Hamilton, 1st Lord Hamilton (c1415-1479)ScotlandJames Hamilton, 5th of Cadzow (bef1397-c1440)Janet LivingstonEuphemia Graham+Mary Stewart, Princess of Scotland (1453-1488)+Janet Calderwood (bef 1465)
James Hamilton (c1620-1673)George Hamilton, 1st Baronet Hamilton of Donalong (c1607-1679)Mary Butler (-1680)Elizabeth Colepeper (c1637-1709)
James Hamilton, 7th Earl of Abercorn (1686-1744)Cavendish Square, Westminster, London, England, United KingdomJames Hamilton, 6th Earl of Abercorn (c1661-1734)Elizabeth Reading (c1669-1754)Anne Plumer (1690-1776)
James Hamilton, 5th of Cadzow (bef1397-c1440)ScotlandJohn Hamilton, 4th of Cadzow (bef1370-c1402)Janet Douglas (bef 1370-)Janet Livingston (bef 1405)

Sources and notes

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