James Hubert Stickler was born 18 September 1905 in Lansford, Pennsylvania, United States to John James Stickler (1863-1932) and Ellen Clerke (1864-1947) and died 20 June 1969 in Lansford, Pennsylvania, United States of unspecified causes. He married Alberta Powell (1905-1943) 13 September 1929 in United States. He married Ethel Carolyn Moore (?-?) 1 April 1944 in United States. Ancestors are from the United Kingdom.

James Hubert born 1905 in Lansford, PA, was the tenth child of John James Stickler and Ellen Clerke. When he was eleven, he moved from Lansford, PA to Hazleton, PA where he completed his high school. Hubert studied dentistry at the University of Pennsylvania, Girard College and received his DDS degree in dentistry in 1931.

He worked at Girard College, Philadelphia as a dental resident for some years and then started private practice in the Philadelphia area. He began his practice at beginning of the Great Depression of 1932 which proved a difficult undertaking.

Earlier he met Alberta Powell and they were married in 1929. Hubert and Alberta had two children, Lynn and Miles. Alberta suffered from a medical problem which eventually led to her death in 1943. During these years Hubert turned to religion and became a serious student of Christian Science. After Alberta died, Hubert married Ethel Caroline Moore in April 1944 and they had one child, Joyce. Hubert eventually retired from dentistry bought a turkey & sheep farm at Skippack, PA. He also worked night-shifts in a chemical factory. It was his exposure to chemical toxins in this factory that led to his death on 29 June 1969.

Hubert is remembered for his great wit and keen sense-of-humour which in retrospect may have hid his more serious nature.

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