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John Stewart, 3rd Earl of Lennox (c1495-1526)
Matthew Stewart, 4th Earl of Lennox (1516-1571)
Elizabeth Stewart (c1494-)
Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley (1545-1567)
Archibald Douglas, 6th Earl of Angus (1489-bef1557)
Margaret Douglas (1515-1578)
Margaret Tudor (1489-1541)
James I of England (1566-1625)
James IV of Scotland (1473-1513)
James V of Scotland (1512-1542)
Margaret Tudor (1489-1541)
Mary of Scotland (1542-1586)
Claude de Guise (1496-1550)
Mary of Guise (1515-1560)
Antoinette de Vendôme (1493-1583)
Charles I of England (1600-1649)
Frederick Oldenburg (1471-1533)
Christian III of Denmark (1503-1559)
Anna von Brandenburg (1487-1514)
Frederik II of Denmark (1534-1588)
Magnus I. von Sachsen-Lauenburg (1470-1543)
Dorothea von Sachsen-Lauenburg (1511-1571)
Katharina von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel (1488-1563)
Anne of Denmark (1574-1618)
Albrecht VII. von Mecklenburg-Güstrow (1488-1547)
Ulrich III. von Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1528-1603)
Anna von Brandenburg (1507-1567)
Sophie von Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1557-1631)
Frederick Oldenburg (1471-1533)
Elizabeth of Denmark (1524-1586)
Sophia von Pommern (1498-1568)
James II of England (1633-1701)
François de Vendôme (1470-1495)
Charles de Vendôme (1489-1537)
Marie de Luxembourg (c1462-1547)
Antoine de Bourbon-Vendôme (1518-1562)
René d'Alençon (1454-1492)
Françoise d'Alençon (1490-1550)
Marguerite de Lorraine (1463-1521)
Henri IV de Bourbon (1553-1610)
Jean of Albret (1469-1516)
Henry II of Navarre (1503-1555)
Catherine I of Navarre (1470-1518)
Jeanne III of Navarre (1528-1572)
Charles of Angoulême (1459-1496)
Marguerite of Angoulême (1492-1549)
Louise de Savoie (1476-1531)
Henrietta Marie de Bourbon (1609-1669)
Lodovico de' Medici (1498-1526)
Cosimo I de' Medici (1519-1574)
Maria Salviati (1499-1543)
Francesco I de' Medici (1541-1587)
Pedro Álvarez de Toledo (1484-1553)
Leanor de Toledo (1522-1562)
Maria Osorio
Marie de' Medici (1575-1642)
Philip I of Castile (1478-1506)
Ferdinand I of the Holy Roman Empire (1503-1564)
Joanna of Castile (1479-1555)
Johanna of Austria (1547-1578)
Wladyslaw II Jagiellon (1456-1516)
Anna of Bohemia and Hungary (1503-1547)
Anne de Foix (1484-1506)

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