Vital statisticsEdit

  • Sex : Male
  • Born: 19 Aug 1793
  • Married:
  • Died: 1809






Killed by pirates some six weeks after departing Malacca at the end of September 1809 - on the then deserted clump of islands Kepulauan Masalembo in the middle of the Java Sea between Madura and Kalimantan - in mid-November 1809. It was, unfortunately, though, at that time, a pirate lair - and a Calcutta newspaper account of the disappearance came on a ship into Sydney Town in early 1811. Jim had been on the brig the "Fly" (his owner father's representative - Captain Sheldrake in charge of the vessel. They stopped to take on board water when James and a passenger went ashore but were never seen again. Pirates armed with short kris boarded the vessel and attacked the crew (the Captain dived overboard to his death) and took the entire cargo. The remaining lascar sailors managed to sail it away as it was being prepared for burning by the pirates. They sailed it down to Madura from where the Dutch authorities sent it on to Surabaya (Sooroobaya) to be auctioned - presumably to the benefit of the Dutch authorities.


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