James Langan II (1857-?) was born in Pennsylvania, and returned to Ireland and married Mary McHugh and then returned to the United States and lived in Jersey City.


  • Catherine Langan was christened July 7, 1882
  • Owen F. Langan (1884-1963) was born in Pennsylvania on Jan 29 1884; married Mary B. McCabe on June 27 1908 in Jersey City and died in June of 1963
  • Maryanne Langan was christened Dec 13 1885
  • Cecelia Langan was born Oct 13 1887 c. Oct 16 1887
  • James Langan was born Oct 1889 married Ethel?
  • John Langan was born September of 1892
  • Stephen Langan was born Oct 1895 - son in 1900?, nephew in 1910?

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