James Larbey (1836) was born in St Luks, Middlesex, England. He was a glaziers diamond setter. James marries Francis (born 1848 in St Luks, Middlesex). They had five children:

  • James H. Larbey (1871) born in Bermondsey, Surrey
  • Mary M. Larbey (1873) born in Croydon, Surrey
  • Mabel E. Larbey (1875) born in Croydon, Surrey
  • Ernest J. Larbey (1880) born in Battersea, Surrey

Note: both Larby and Larbey are often mixed up and the same person may be listed with different spellings in different records. To avoid confusion, all 'Larby' and 'Larbey' s are spelled as 'Larbey.'