James Larby (1846 - 1916)

Early LifeEdit

James Larby was christened on 7 June 1846 in Peper Harow, near Godalming, Surrey (he always used Godalming as his birthplace in censuses). His parents were William and Sarah (nee Balchin) Larby. Apart from James, William and Sarah had the following children: John (5 Aug 1838), George (16 Dec 1832), Ann (27 Mar 1836) and Mary (7 Feb 1841) Larby, all born in Peper Harow, and the dates given being the christenings, not the birthdates. William and Sarah had been married on 1 January 1831 in Godalming.

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

James Larby married in 1869 in Kensington, London. His wife was Harriet Turpin (1842-1929), an actress and wardrobe shop keeper. They had the following children:

James worked as a piano tuner and bookseller.