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James Mcintyre Martin (1912-2003) was an actor (b. October 11, 1912; USA - d. August 22, 2003; Newtown, Connecticut, USA)


Firsh marriageEdit

  • Dorothea Losee


  • Joan Ann Martin
  • Dorothea Losee Martin
  • James Ainsworth Martin

Second marriageEdit

  • Denise Hamilton


  • Dennis Martin
  • Ronnie Martin
  • Douglas Martin
  • Renee Martin

Third marriageEdit

  • Irene X


  • Ray Cannata writes: Attended Friends Academy, Long Island. Raised Episcopalian. Talented singer who toured as lead with Mae West (April 4, 1939 in Brooklyn Eagle). Married Dottie Losee; Denise Hamilton; Irene X.
  • Denise Durand writes: I am related to Winifred Martin, but aunt Winnie is married to my uncle Herbert Losee, now residing in Florida. Uncle Herbs sister, Dorothea Losee Martin married my grandfather James Mcintyre Martin, and had three children, Joan Ann Martin, Dorothea Losee Martin, and James Ainsworth Martin. He also had other sons from other marriages, Dennis Martin, and Ronnie Martin, and Douglas Martin is the youngest Martin son in that family. We are descendants of Susannah North Martin and George Martin. My grandfather was one of six children, George Martin, James Martin, Walter Martin, Peggie Martin, Jean Martin, and I cannot remember the last one. I am one of six children as well, and I have 8 children of my own.

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  • Martin Depicted as Debt Dodger. Senate Hears of Devices to Avoid Full ... ; New York Times; October 19, 1939 "The property was reacquired in the name of James Martin, son of the judge, and while the old second mortgage was satisfied, it was nevertheless kept alive ..."
  • Dinner for Martin Yielded $1,000 Net. Recipients of His Patronage...; New York Times; November 2, 1939 "... buy things at a discount, procured jobs for James Martin, the judge s son, with two auto companies which he was I connected and performed other' favors. ..."
  • Old Stage Friends at McIntyre Rites. Simple Services Are Held at...; New York Times; August 21, 1937 "The Martins' two sons, George W. Martin 3d and James Martin, were among the pallbearers. The others were Mr. Rosenbaun, Raymond Crowsin, Warren Morton and ..."