James Pimm (1798 - 1866) became known for moving to London from humble beginnings and created a gin-based cocktail - named Pimm's after him.

Family & Early LifeEdit

James Pimm was born in Newnham, Kent. He was son of James Norris Pimm (1769 - 1848) and Sussana Mills (1772 - 1846), who were yeoman farmers, they were neither rich nor poor. Including James, James Norris and Susanna Pimm, who were married on 9 September 1793 in Brenchley, Kent, had the following children:

  • Mary Elizabeth Pimm (29 June 1794)
  • Sussanah Pimm (3 May 1795) married 25 December 1810 Milton by Gravesend, Kent to Christopher Maidman, had: Mary Ann (1812), Elizabeth Sarah (1814)
  • Jane Pimm (6 July 1796) married William Henry Coveney
  • Sarah Pimm (27 August 1797)
  • James Pimm (1798 - 1866) married 1822 Mary Southerden Mallery
  • Anna Pimm (8 October 1802)
  • Emily Pimm (18 October 1807)
  • Thomas Pimm (1808 -1897) married Susanna Harris in 1833 St Mar's Woolnorth City of London, they had Louisa b1836, Emma b1835, Thomas b1837, James Norrisb1837,William Russell b1838, Leslie Anna b1840, Sarah Taylor b1843, John Norris b1848, Alice Rebecca b1856, and William James b1864
  • Laura Pimm (26 August 1809 - 1877) married 27 April 1835 Winchling, Kent to Thomas Eagles
  • Frances Pimm (24 March 1811)

The dates given are the dates of the childrens christenings. There were probably other children, born between the gaps (e.g. 1798 - 1802), who did not survive long enough to be christened.

James married Mary Southerden Mallery (1798 - 1864), also from Kent. Her parents were Henry Mallery and Mary Southerden.

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