Early American Pioneer - Formerly named as James Hogg - son of Scot-Irish Immigrants

Vital StatisticsEdit


At least 3 children married into the family of Moses Warren II 1760A. James Prentiss and several of his brothers changed their surname from Hogg to Prentiss by act of New Hampshire legislature in about 1809. Later James and his wife followed their children and Warren Family inlaws to settle Warrensville, OH.

Children of James Prentiss and Janet MorrisonEdit

  1. Margaret Prentiss (1785-1869) - m. Daniel Warren - founder of Warrensville OH - No Children
  2. Betsey Prentiss (1787-1812) -
  3. Sally Prentiss (?-1815) -
  4. Robert Prentiss (1791-1847) - m. Presillia Warren - Settled in Warrensville OH
  5. Cyrus Prentiss (1797-?)
  6. James Prentiss Jr (1798-1894) -
  7. Samuel Morrison Prentiss (1801-1897)


History and Genealogy of the Prentiss Family in New England (1683-1883) by CJF Binney - See Google Books - pg 368-373.

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