James Reeves of Lancaster Co., South Carolina

James Reeves was probably born in the 1780s. By 1810, he was living in Lancaster County, South Carolina. He lived in the area of Lancaster County known now as Rich Hill. On the 1825 Mill's map, his place was marked 'Reeves.' He was married first to Betsy Garris, daughter of Bedford Garris, a Revolutionary War soldier. They had five children: John, Winnie (m. W. P. Richardson), Elisha, James Brady Jr., and Jane (m. Amos Blackmon). They also had three other children, names unknown, who died young. Betsy had died by about 1825, as James had remarried to Bethena Williams. They had the following children: Elizabeth H. (m. Bynum Jackson Blackmon and William J. Blackmon), Malissa Carolina (m. James A. Blackmon), Mary Missouri (m. Andrew Byrum Blackmon), Dorcas A. (m. John Duren), Thomas Jefferson, Amy Ella (m. William W. Baskin(s)), and Charlotte Ann Bethena (m. James A. Grigsby). James died January 29, 1844. He left a will in which he mentions his wife, 'Thene', and all his children. His wife Bethena died May 21, 1884.

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