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Birth Record of Children of James and Mary. Londonderry, Vermont

Genealogical KeynotesEdit


  • Born: November 22, 1764
  • Birth Place: Dunbarton, Merrimac, New Hampshire
  • Married: About 1791
  • Died: December 22, 1841
  • Burial Place: St Georges Anglican Church Grafton, Northumberland, Ontario, Canada


James is the son of Col James Rogers (1727-1791) and Margaret McGregor (1740-1793)


Child ListEdit

Family HistoryEdit

In 1795 James petitioned the State of Vermont for the return of his fathers lands that were taken after the Revolution and was granted the unsold lands in Londonderry Township. In 1797 he petitioned the State for his fathers lands in Windham Township and was granted the unsold lands. Both townshps has an area of 69 square miles. The family left Vermont in 1817 and moved to Grafton, Northumberland, Ontario, Canada where James and Mary lived out their lives. James had sponcered several relitives educations with the sale of his fathers lands.

Military ServiceEdit

James served in the Queens Rangers with his father in the American revolution. They mainly protected the Canadian border during the war.

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William Gorman (4th Great Grandson)

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