"a man of much curious erudition"

Vital Statistics Edit

  • Son of John Winthrop 1714A and Rebecca Townsend
  • Born 28 Mar 1752
  • Died 26 Sep 1821
  • Never Married / No Posterity

Biography Edit

  • Harvard College, Class of 1769
  • LL.D. - Allegheny College 1817
  • Postmaster at Cambridge, 1775
  • Register of Probate - 1775 to 1817
  • Judge of court of Common Pleas
  • Librarian of Harvard College 1772-1787
  • One of the founders of Massachusetts Historical Society

References Edit

  • Historic Homes, Places and Genealogical Memoirs of Middlesex County - Vol I, pg 3, Publ 1908 - See Google Books

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