• Born: 1730
  • Baptised: 1749
  • Died:


  • Father:
  • Mother:

Marriage 1Edit



Marriage 2Edit

1 July 1770 Laar, Grafschaft-Bentheim, Hanover[1]


  1. Hilletje Langejans (1771- ), b. 18 August 1771
  2. Anton Langejans (1772- ), b. 26 Dec. 1772
  3. Hendrik Langejans (1775)
  4. Albert Langen (1778- )
  5. Geert Langen (1780- )

Notes and referencesEdit

Family legend holds that the name Langejans was invented by this ancestor, who took the two "Jans" of his names and appended them to his surname Langen, changing his name to Berend Langejans. There is still to this day a strip of land in Laar, Grafschaft-Bentheim, Germany which bears the name Langejans Gartens.

  1. ^ Familienberich Jan Langejans, Ortsfamilien-Datenbank Laar ( accessed 8 May 2012

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