Jan Lubbertsen Van Blarcom (1635-aft1661)

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Jan Lubbertsen Van Blarcom (1635-aft1661)
Jan Lubbertsen Van Blarcom
Sex: Male
Birth: 1635
Bergen County, New Jersey
Death: after 1661
Father: Lubbert Gysbertse Van Blarcom (1601-1655)
Mother: Divertje Cornelijs (c1605-bef1680)
Spouse/Partner: Magdaleentje Jans Theunis (c1634-1711)
Children: Maritje Janse Van Blarcom (bef1661-aft1724)


Jan was born 1635 in Bergen County, New Jersey, to parents Lubbert Gysbertse Van Blarcom (1601-1655) and Divertje Cornelijs (c1605-bef1680).

Marriage to Magdaleentje TheunisEdit

Jan married Magdaleentje Jans Theunis (c1634-1711).

Children by Magdaleentje TheunisEdit

Jan and Magdaleentje had at least one daughter, Maritje Janse Van Blarcom (bef1661-aft1724).

More info Edit

Jan Lubbertson Van Blarcum

Birth about 1632 - Edam, Holland; Died after 1711 - Bergen Co., NJ

Parents Lubbert Gysbertsen Van Blarcum ca 1601-ca 1655 + Divertje Cornelis ca 1605-

Married 7 June 1659, New Amsterdam, to Magdaleentje Theunis Van Voorsthysen ca 1635-1711,

Children Edit

Marritje Jans Van Blarcom 1660-

Marritje Jans Van Blarcom 1661-

Pieter Jansen Van Blarcom 1665-

Johannes Jansen Van Blarcom 1667-

Divertje Jans Van Blarcom 1670-

Cathlyntje Jans Van Blarcom 1672-

Cathlyntje Jans Van Blarcom 1675-

Lubbert Jansen Van Blarcom 1677-

Willem Jansen Van Blarcom 1679-

Gysbert Jans Van Blarcom 1682-/1764

Hester Jans Van Blarcom 1685-

Siblings Edit

Gysbert Lubbertsen ca 1624-

Thys Lubbertsen ca 1628-

Jan Lubbertson Van Blarcum ca 1632-1711/

Eybetje Lubberts ca 1635-/1663

Tryntje Lubberts ca 1637-/1666

Gerret Lubbertsen ca 1639-

Hans Lubbertsen ca 1641-

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