Jan Tol was born 13 March 1904 in Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands to Jacob Tol (1870-1920) and Marijtje Spek (1872-1949) and died 3 January 1992 in Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands of unspecified causes. He married Alida Keizer (1905-1953) 1 June 1933 in Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands. He married Anna Keizer (1909-1963) 1 August 1960 in Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands. He married Marijtje Tool (1902-1993) 1 September 1964 in Hoorn. Ancestors are from the Netherlands.

Jan's first and second wifes, Alida and Anna, were sisters and his 7th cousins once removed; all descend from Pieter Laan (c1620-bef1686).


Jan Tol and Alida Keizer


Offspring of Jan Tol and Alida Keizer (1905-1953)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Rie Tol (1935-1995)
Jaap Tol (1937-) 1937 Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands Riek Faas (1931-)

Jan Tol (1938-2013)
Nicolaas H. Tol (1939-) 5 December 1939 Hoorn, North Holland, Netherlands Martha C.M. Korver (1941-)

Aad Tol (1941-)
Kees Tol (1943-)
Lien Tol (1945-)
Alie Tol (1946-)

Namesakes of Jan Tol (1904-1992)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Jan Tol (1921-)Westwoud, North Holland, NetherlandsNic Tol (1888-1958)Anna Koster (1893-1977)Catharina A.M. Rood (1925-1975)
Jan Tol (1904-1992)Hoorn, North Holland, NetherlandsHoorn, North Holland, NetherlandsJacob Tol (1870-1920)Marijtje Spek (1872-1949)Alida Keizer (1905-1953)+Anna Keizer (1909-1963)+Marijtje Tool (1902-1993)
Jan Tol (1853-1918)Venhuizen, North Holland, NetherlandsAlkmaar, North Holland, NetherlandsCornelis Tol (1813-1901)Aagje Weel (1809-1861)Jantje Hoek (1847-1885)+Catharina M. Schoenmaker (1865-)
Jan Tol (1847-1921)Venhuizen, North Holland, NetherlandsEgmond-Binnen, North Holland, NetherlandsJacob Tol (1818-1875)Teetje Brugman (1825-1904)Maartje Duijn (1852-1928)
Johannes B. Tol (1905-1989)Amsterdam, NetherlandsUnited StatesWouter Tol (1874-1951)Johanna Petronella van den Berg (1875-1946)

Footnotes (including sources)

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