Jane Duncan
Sex: Female
Birth: c1869
Father: J.A. Duncan (1823) NC
Mother: Elizabeth Duncan (c1841) ALA

Jane Duncan

This is a research article corresponding to the individual named Jane Duncan in the 1880 federal Census for Commanche county TX, supervisors district 4, enumeration District 33, page 20, line 7.

Documentation notesEdit

  • William and James are noted as illiterate.
  • There is a complete overlap of names and birth of the youngest children up to william between the 1870 census of Arkansas > Crawford > Vine Prairie Duncan family and this family. Probably the same Elizabeth. Now assuming it is ok to merge the data from the 1870 family.
  • In 1870, this texas family had not been in AR long. Jane age 2 is born Texas, and Alvin is just 5 months old born AR.
    • In the same district and county, there is Thomas (1856) and Lucinda duncan (1859), still children living in the home of Arminda (ca 1828). They were mentioned as children in the 1860 Census, of Jefferson A Duncan married to ..

  • Unless indicated otherwise, data is from US Censuses.



Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
'Children of Elizabeth Duncan (c1841) and '
Laura Duncan (c1858) Laura M. ca 1858 TX
Locky Duncan (c1859) Locky A. (f) ca 1859 TX
Franklin Duncan (c1860) ca 1860 TX
William Duncan (c1864) William S. [1] ca 1864 TX
James Duncan (c1866) James D. [2] ca 1866 TX
Jane Duncan (c1869) "Jane L." [3] ca 1869 TX
Alvin Duncan (c1870) "Alden" [4] ca 1870 AR

All data for children is from 1880 Census for Commanche county, texas.


  1. ^ "W.S.V." is c1860 according to 1870 census
  2. ^ James is c1865 according to 1870 census, ca 1867 by the 1880
  3. ^ Jane L according to 1870 census
  4. ^ "Alden" according to 1870 census, and born AR, not TX as in 1880 census

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