Jane Mealing Stickler was born circa 1826 in Pucklechurch, Bristol, England, United Kingdom to James Stickler (c1793-1855) and Sarah Angell (1797-1863) . She married John Harkins Prater 27 December 1851 in Pucklechurch, Bristol, England, United Kingdom. Ancestors are from the United Kingdom.

Jane born in 1826 was the sixth child of James Stickler and Sarah Angell. On 27 December 1851 at the age of twenty five she married John Haskins Prater, a tradesman and son of Charles Prater. Jane was educated and able to write her name while her husband 'John' was illiterate. Attending the marriage ceremony was Louisa Smart and Edmund Young.

Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
  • Records and History predominantly searched out by John Stickler of America and John Richards of Bristol



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