From Gate City Hearld 9-26-1946, Jean Porter b.1763 Augusta Co., moved to Porters Ft. 1772

The murderous end of Charles Kilgore and her husband, James Green, by Indians out on the Pound River, caused consternation in the little settlement around Fort Blackmore. People living outside the stockade moved inside the fort. The Kilgore family was already there and hither came immediately the young widow, Jean Porter Green She had her son and named him after his father, James. By nature, Jean Green was cheery; there was a lilt in her voice that radiated joy. She liked company and, as the Kilgore widow needed company, it did not require much discussion on either side to work out an arrangement. She would tell her young son. "Jimmie, you have your daddies eyes, I want you to grow up to be as good a man as he.
Two years after the death of her husband, Jean Porter Green married the young Robert "Robin" Kilgore.
Little James never missed his father, though, early in his life his mother often told him the tragic story of his real father's death. Not long after their marriage, they went to live as man and wife near Nickelsville and on the bank of Copper Creek. The old log block-house erected by Kilgore as a defense against intruding Indians is still standing. James Green, Jr had a number of half-brothers and sisters. Their descendants have kept alive some of the incidents of this story. Other parts have been joined to the story of James Green, Sr.'s demise and handed down through the Green descendants. Still other parts are probably presumptions for time and distance both create halos and through these, neither the eye nor memory can penetrate with certainly. One fact is unanimous, Robert and Jean walked loyally and dutifully together down through the years. Jean Porter Green Kilgore was laid to rest in the old Nickelsville Cemetery in the year 1842, near the old Baptist Church in which her second husband often preached. In 1854, Robert Kilgore was laid beside her and thus fulfilled the fateful, even if carelessly spoken words of James Green, to take care of Jean till he should come back.

Child List

  • James Jr. Green b: 12 FEB 1783 in Porter's Fort, Washington County, Virginia
  • Charles Kilgore b: 1 DEC 1785
  • Susannah Kilgore b: 2 JUN 1788
  • Robert III Kilgore b: 12 FEB 1791
  • Jane Porter 'Jennie' Kilgore b: 20 JUL 1793
  • Winifred 'Winney' Kilgore b: 10 APR 1796
  • Nancy Kilgore b: 15 JUL 1799
  • Anna Kilgore b: 15 JUN 1801
  • Mary Kilgore b: 21 DEC 1807

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