Jane De Mowbray (1362-1402)
Sex: Female
Birth: 1362/3
Death: 30 NOV 1402
Father: John De Mowbray (1340-1368)
Mother: Elizabeth de Segrave (1338-1369)
Spouse/Partner: Thomas De Grey (1359-1466)
Marriage: about 1381


Jane De Mowbray was born and married before 1384 Thomas Gray (or Grey), Knt., of Heaton, in Norham, Northumberland. Her brother was the Duke of Norfolk.

Most likely, they lived at Heton Castle, as it was the family seat of the Grays. It was about a mile from the Tweed river and the border of Scotland and about two miles west and by south of Norham.

She was most likely named after her grandmother, Joan Plantagenet (great Great gandaughter of Henry III. Joan Plantagenet was also the daughter of the Earl of Lancaster.

Name Birth Death
Children of Jane De Mowbray and Thomas De Grey

BET 1356 AND 1377 Heton, Northumberland, England
25 OCT 1420

Maud De Grey (BET 1380-1453) BET 1380 AND 1394
AFT 21 AUG 1451

Thomas De Grey 30 NOV 1384
3 AUG 1415

John De Grey ABT 1386
22 MAR 1418/19

William De Grey about 1388
about 1435

Henry De Grey about 1390
Ketteringham, Norfolk, England


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